1. Hi Leah! Woohoo what a treat – a new vlog from Leah!!🤩🤩 I was trying to do my lsat study getting all cross-eyed and that little bell goes "ding" and what do you know, there you were. Thank you so much, I needed the break 🤣🤣. That In-N-Out is so hard to resist, I know I can't do it haha! Keep pushing, the end is so close and I know you are going to crush finals! You are so smart, capable and determined – you got this! It brightens my day so much to see your positivity, motivation and overall great vibes. In fact the rest of my week is going to be pretty awesome now😁. tbh you continually inspire to keep pushing everytime I watch one of your videos and I sincerely thank you!!! You're awesome! I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks again!

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