LAW SCHOOL VLOG – day in the life of a stressed law student

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I’m Libbie, and I’m a second-year law student at the University of Exeter

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How old are you? – 21
What do you study? – I’m in my second year of Law LLB at the University of Exeter
What did you get in your A levels? – A*AB
What camera do you use? – Canon EOS M50

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  1. Hi. I hope you are well. I would love to know what app/websites do you use to make your notes? I am in my 1st of studying LLB and I could definitely use an app/website that is free to make cute, aesthetic notes that will help me study.

  2. imma just write me whole week plan:
    – monday wake up (every day at 6.45) go to school (every day for 6 h), go home to eat, go to the gym, come back home and do an english lesson for 2 hours and then do my homework
    – tuesday wake up go to school, eat on my way to english lessons, go straight away to the gym and then go home and do homework
    – wednesday wake up go to school, go home and eat, leave for my french classes and then just do hw
    – thursday wake up go to school, eat on my way to a 2 hour maths class, then go straight away to the gym and then go home and do hw
    – fridays i just go to school and party or hang out w my friends
    – saturdays i study, go to the gym on the morning and party w my friends, sunday i just chill at home study and try to sleep a lot
    so yeah…. let me know what u think heheh

  3. You seem to study at home a lot – I assume over covid , do you wish you were in the college or do you prefer working at home ? 🙂 I’m also doing the llb law and found doing from home i was much more productive

  4. Im so sorry but i feel like you're watching yourself while you filming, i like your content alot but please think about this🥰🥴😊 I can't help but be bothered 🙃

  5. Good luck with exams! I like your window study space. I'm currently studying for the California Bar and would recommend getting a 24" monitor and stack it on some books to keep your posture and neck more aligned for long studying sessions. It's helped my concentration tremendously! Keep up the hard work. Law school is going to fly by!

  6. The fact that everything shes saying about trying to fo work but having a million other things swirling around in head is the most relatable thing tells me this is a law school thing

  7. Ho, lot of love from india, I am a law student here in India, hope we acn sometime make a video about how law school and education is here in India and how is it in Australia.

  8. You reminded me of myself when u said that summer will be boring! All year, im complaining abt school, but then when summer comes , its like- what now?? Very much type A personality LOL.

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