Law School Study With Me – My Killer Lecture Note Taking Method

This study with me in law school video takes you through a day studying in the Christmas holidays at the start of the final bit of studying before becoming a lawyer in UK – the LPC. I take you through a day studying law, showing how I take lecture notes in law school 📚

I think my lecture note taking method is simple, but highly effective and I’m hoping that you’ll take away some great tips you can implement in your own studies! Taking effective lecture notes makes life as a student so much easier – once you have quality lecture notes you can much more easily write essays, answer questions and revise for exams.


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Who I am:

I’m a trainee lawyer studying in London. I graduated from Cambridge, speak French and Spanish and don’t believe in “natural talent” 😮 BUT… I do believe that TOGETHER, WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF POSITIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY AND SUCCESS.

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  1. As someone who is heading into university, all this advice has been very helpful! I am sorely in need of a new note-taking system, and can’t wait to try this out.
    Just a quick question. When you took handwritten notes for your Cambridge In-Person lectures, did you type those up after class as well? Or did you just leave them as handwritten notes?

  2. I'm struggling with taking notes for the relevant case law. Rn I'm doing Contract Law, but the annoying part is constantly summarising the case and putting it under my relevant sections. I'm fine with doing this, but it sometimes creates this issue of constantly seeing cases reappear for sections that relate to eachother, how do you take notes efficiently for the cases reappearing? Do you simply copy and paste them under every section required for them?

  3. thank you so much for this! i’m in my first year of law school so this will be very helpful to get good practice in condensing lecture notes

  4. Oh yeah dude! We need to use more the technology around us more for benefit, also the part that you explain the things for yourself I make that everytime I want to learn something. Nice vídeo.

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  6. How did you get your macbook pro onto 2 monitors? I have a mabook air now and in my first year of law school and I think it would help a lot if i could have 2 monitors to work on: one for the lecture slides and one for the notes!

  7. If you’re looking to avoid hunching over, it’s probably worth lifting that monitor up a bit higher – you could use a fancy box with storage underneath, or just a couple of old books. Great note tips, thank you!

  8. WHAT THE HECK is that `new` trend? Youtube users standing in front of their laptops watching other people studying? WTF! That' s ridiculous! For Christ's sake people, get your shit together and study on you own. It is not that difficult!

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