Law School Rankings

How to Use the U.S. News Rankings to Choose a Law School.

In this video, the Lawyer You Know Peter Tragos goes through how the U.S. News Ranks law schools and what he thinks are the most important categories to consider.

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  1. This whole video really highlights Emily D. Baker’s philosophy. People can go to law school, think outside the box and create a niche for themselves in the field. Yes, if you aspire to take a very traditional career path, looking at these rankings is arguably important. But, if you aren’t getting into a highly ranked school, a successful career in law isn’t out of reach.

    (We all just witnessed a lawyer from a mid-range school, KILL IT on a grand stage – Camille Vasquez)

  2. I have a 2.2 GPA, what is the best game plan to get into a good school?

    I'm thinking kill the lsat, or go to the law school with the most money and transfer L2

  3. Would you take a Lawyer @ Cooley in the top 10% or a Lawyer at Miami @ Bottom Half? (Given that both have successfully passed the bar).

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