1. So excited to start law school this fall (hopefully in person with safety precautions). Thank you for making such a great video! I've loved following your channel since I found you when I was touring University of Arizona's Law School!

  2. Just found your channel and love your vlogs! This isn’t a question, but I would love to see a video where you discuss the law school application process and any tips/tricks to make the process easier!

  3. please do a part 2! how should u dress for class?? are u supposed to dress nice or can u wear like sweats?? I start law school in the fall and I have no idea!

  4. I wonder is law school worth going too bc most people don’t get top paying jobs unless they go to a top tier law school or are top of there class. Furthermore, there are more lawyers than Jobs available. The average law student is $100k in student loan debt. Im a senior in college Econ major and I consider law school till I say the tuition. Then I realize I can potentially make more than I lawyer if I work 50-80 hour shifts per week. While trading stocks and puts in the morning. I have a co worker who trades in the morning he already has over 800k in his account.

  5. Hey Jenn,
    I’m a college junior at FIU that will soon be applying to law school and pursuing a career in law. For the last few months, I’ve been watching your videos, and it’s been really helpful in giving me insight into what to expect as a law student. I especially loved this Law School Q&A video— you explain everything very well and I love that you go over how to go about choosing classes and communicating to your counselors the specific type of law you want to go into so that you can pick courses that facilitate your specific goals. I’d love to hear more about how you prepped for the LSAT and what you looked for when applying to law schools. I would love to connect on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandralapaire/
    Keep up the awesome content!

  6. I want to second your recommendation to pick elective classes based on what will give you the best GPA. I violated this rule myself and learned my lesson. I wanted to practice business-related law so I took Corporate Taxation. There were 13 people in the class and I quickly learned that 11 of them were CPAs. How to you think the grading curve went in that situation? Yep. Law school is truly non-specialized, as a matter of fact, if you plan to practice in an area you probably won't practice in that area because you got a job where they had work doing something else, and all of a sudden you became a "something else" lawyer.

  7. Im going into my junior year in High school and I plan to become a lawyer in the future but I don’t even know where to start . Can someone help me please ? Like for example is there something I should be doing for junior year ?

  8. im 15 and just trying to find a lot about law school and see what schools i should go to , cause i would just love to help peple out and im also worried that law school dont do the college parties or its hard to meet friends , so yeeeaaahhh, i know thats not what law school is about but im just wondering about those

  9. I was looking for a law school video because I’m considering attending and I’m so glad you go to ASU’s law school because I’m an undergrad student here and would most likely apply here. You answered a lot of my questions!

  10. My dads a lawyer and whenever I ask him questions about law all he tells me is there is a lot of reading. So this was a lot of help. I am curious though, how many pages a week do you typically read on law school ?

  11. Thank you so much for this video! I’m only a freshman in college but I know law school is something I want to do and you taught me so many things! I had no idea that some schools restrict the number of hours you can work! Keep up the great videos!💖

  12. This was SO helpful. This is the first video I’ve seen where it’s not some law student trying to scare the shit out of you while acting like it’s “helpful”. Thank you so much!

  13. hi!! im currently 13 years old and my dream is to be a lawyer!! im really hoping to either be a medical malpractice lawyer or a criminal defense attorney. thank you for the info! any advice?

  14. I am aspiring lawyer,I’m 30 years old n what made me what to become a lawyer is how my town/county treated my father on a none violent misdemeanor charge n how even with covid n his recent heart attack they almost threw him in jail for 45 days..also how the ada treats ppl under oop..including violating my father for watching me cut firewood cuz they said I had no reason to b I’m doing it annoy my Neighbor so they arrested him for it so that made me wanna go in to law school..so here I am

  15. I left a comment on one other video. I have legal troubles and I really do need a lawyer. Do you want to litigate? It's not cheap.
    You litigate for clients? Saving a buck by not getting a real lawyer (and just a person who freshly passed the bar exam) doesn't sound smart.
    I can be rich when rich is needed, okay Ms Martin? I'm only 20

  16. ASU Masters in Legal Studies (MLSO) (not a JD ) workshop and orientation program they tell you that they prefer you NOT work, not even P/T but most of us worked F/T 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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