[LAW SCHOOL PHILIPPINES] So, You Want to Quit Law School? #DearKuyaLex #RealTALK

So you want to quit law school in the Philippines?

Teka lang, kapatid. Huwag muna. Pagusapan muna natin. Kahit sandali lang.


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  1. My Father is a frustrated Law student and was proud to know that I would finish it in his place. My mother always sees me in our garden and in my room and is always impressed to see me reading my books and cases. My younger brother and sister look up to my “studious” personality which they would tell their friends everytime they would get together for inuman sessions in our house or somewhere else. I always try to put a strong and happy face to ensure them that I can make it through this hellpit called law school and be admitted to the legal profession. Yet everyday once I start my readings and attend my online classes I feel more pressure from the thought that if I fail, I also fail them. Everyday I feel that I need a break. And at the end of the day what they dont see is me sniffeling under my blanket with the thought of just quitting.

  2. Hi Atty! I've been listening to your channel since before I enrolled law school. Tbh, I'm on the verge of giving up po. As much as possible ayaw ko po sana maging nega pero hindi po matanggal sa isip ko kung kakayanin pa po ba ng katawan ko. It's really difficult to balance school and work lalo na kung isa kang court stenographer. I honestly don't know how to manage my time due to time constraint.

  3. Came across your video. I actually planning to quit law school because I failed 2 subjects last sem. I have 1 subject to retake, pending back subjects and worse, got debarred. Idk what to do. Tbh, law school is hard. Despite being strong, in the end, you'll become weak. I guess, Im not good enough in law school.

    Despite all, life must go on. Will fight and try again.

    P.S. to those who are reading this comment right now, please continue to fight for your dream. I am a living proof that despite all failures in law, I managed to get up and try again. I'd rather try again than not to try again. For me, its okay to try again, it means that you learn. So please, if you dream like me, rise again from where u fall. Goodluck future Atty. 🌟

    Thank you, Lex.

  4. I was thinking if i still have to continue my plan of studying law while under a JD bridging program in a state university. My goal is to bring myself to stature and uplift my family's financial status as i am not just the light of our home but also the pillar as my better- half is a PWD. When im thinking of the consequences of studying law such as the costs and time that i would spend aside from the many loads of work at the office and at home, i almost wanted to quit. But after watching and hearing Mr. Lex's advices, it gave me the courage not to quit. Thanks Mr. Lex! I'll go for the goal!

  5. Sir, I was thinking of huminto muna ng law school, natapos ko po ang school year,going to third year and planning to go abroad muna, then balik after 6-9 years, ano po consequences non? Babalik po ba ako ng first year?

  6. Sir Rex, I've been watching your videos po for quite awhile now. I don't know but i just found your channel when i ask God for guidance about my decision to proceed in law school, to chase my dream. I ma so hesitant that i did not enrol last year. DIOS KO. I WAS LISTENING YOU YOUR STORY SOBRANG NAHIHIYA AKO SA SARILI KO FOR BEING SO WEAK. You are God's instrument po. Sobrang naiiyak pa din ako. At this very moment that i am writing this, i now have the strength from God to continue in law school. I AM GOING TO ENROLL this school year in the school of my choice. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. THIS IS FOR YOU LORD.

  7. Thanks atty lex, thanks for your grateful message that straight through the heart and mind. I stopped taking up Law school 10 years ago due to financial constraints and unavoidable circumstances, thus, mas pinili ko ang trabaho. At present writing, I am planning to return in law school "HOPING" na sana pumasa, makatapos at maging Atty. Godbless you and Maraming salamat po Atty! Mabuhay ka!

  8. I am in tears watching this. I drop out of law school back in 2004. It's really hard for me to study, because of the workload. Planning to enroll again now at age 45.

  9. I was inspired because of you…..l was lost everyday, everyday naghahanap ako ng pagkaka-abalahan ko na pagbubuntungan ko na magkakaroon ng kabuluhan ang buhay na balang araw may ipagmamalaki ako and I don't care kung mahirap man yan….mas nakakapagod ang daming nagsasabi na walang akong halaga….this is my dream not because of my pain….this is my dream since my grades school pero hindi ko itinuloy dahil more expensive pero i think hindi yata pera ang needs ko kailangan ko ng strength and fully determination…..ten years akong nanahimik dahil l think I am nothing pero ngayon l want to become a lawyer for the whole in my life. Salamat kuya Lex.

  10. I don't usually comment on videos (silent supporter kumbaga) pero sobrang naiyak at natouched ako sa video na 'to. Hindi pa po ang law student, aspiring palang.
    Ang daming tumatakbo sa isip ko. Una, kung kaya ko ba pagsabayin ang pagtratrabaho at pag aaral. Pangalawa, iniisip komg napakahina ng utak ko para dun at pangatlo, kung kaya ba ng ipon ko.
    Alam kong pangarap na pangarap kong maging abugado pero hindi mawala mawala sa isip ko ang idoubt ang sarili ko dahil ilang beses na akong nakaranas na minaliit at nasabihan na hindi talaga ako magaling at purely luck lang ang mga achievements ko pero this video really motivates me. God bless po.

  11. Here. Thank you for this video sir. My situation may be different from yours but the difficulty I face is of similar intensity . I am studying in a provincial law school and since 1st year my faith has constantly been challenged. While I am dealing with the pressures and guilt that often accompany a full time student, I have also been dealing with the semestral struggle of choosing my faith over lawschool . Being from a provincial school, classes usually fall on the Seventh-day Sabbath and this has caused friction between batchmates whenever i try to make arrangements to observe the Sabbath while pursuing law school. This has taken a toll on my mental health as well as physical health. Every enrollement period I am faced with the same issue and dealing with it has grown difficult. This may be my last week in law school as Iconsider quitting. Pls help pray.

  12. Thank you kapatid na lex alam ko mahirap ang buhay sa law school minsan gusto kuna lang sumuko pero in the end of the day parang sayang ang nasimulan kung laban kung sa malayo pako sa finish line .ay sumuko nako sa laban .laban lang para sa pangarap hindi naman tayo nag mamadali sa tagumpay meron tamang panahon at oras na inilaan ang atimg puong may kapal thankyou for motivating na kahit takot ako pumasok ng law school dahil hindi ako ganun kagaling mag english pero sorbra thanks sa mga vids mo and for the lesson na wag sumuko sa law school journey .

  13. Thank you for this Atty.
    This give me strength to continue in law school.

    During the start of this semester I got covid so I missed a lot of classes and got behind with a lot of readings and lessons. I had a hard time trying to catch-up. I felt like I started the sem on the wrong footing and I can't get back on track. Even my health I think I haven't fully recovered because of the everyday grind with work and school. Also, all my close friends in law school are already gone so I felt so alone.

    But hearing this sparks my drive and my dream again. I got inspired again. Thank you so much po. I cried so much while watching this. More power to your channel Atty.

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