[LAW SCHOOL PHILIPPINES] 5 Things I Wish I Did Before I Went to Law School | #LEARNWITHLEX

On the evening before I was shipped off to Manila for college, my elder brother sat me down and handed me a bottle of beer. Underage drinking, kapatid – huwag na huwag mong tutularan. He then proceeded to drop premium, high octane wisdom on college, dating and living a good life.

Ngayong nagtatapos na ang bakasyon at malapit nang magsimula ang klase sa law school, hayaan mong tayo ay maupo, kapatid, kahit sandal lang at ikwento ko sa iyo ang ilang mga bagay na sana ay ginawa ko bago ako pumasok sa law school.

Here are the five things I wish I did before I went to law school in the Philippines.


1. Grab a copy of DEKADA: 10 Life Lessons from 10 Years in Law School here:

2. Follow the first parts of INTRODUCTION TO PERSONS here:

3. Books to buy and free resources to read:

4. Be part of the Lex in Motion Community: