[LAW SCHOOL PHILIPPINES] 5 Things I Wish I Did Before I Went to Law School | #LEARNWITHLEX

On the evening before I was shipped off to Manila for college, my elder brother sat me down and handed me a bottle of beer. Underage drinking, kapatid – huwag na huwag mong tutularan. He then proceeded to drop premium, high octane wisdom on college, dating and living a good life.

Ngayong nagtatapos na ang bakasyon at malapit nang magsimula ang klase sa law school, hayaan mong tayo ay maupo, kapatid, kahit sandal lang at ikwento ko sa iyo ang ilang mga bagay na sana ay ginawa ko bago ako pumasok sa law school.

Here are the five things I wish I did before I went to law school in the Philippines.


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  1. Greetings Atty. ,

    I basically have no one to learn from, that I turn to online discussion forums and law-related channels to get a grasp of law school. Atty, albeit smart to learn from our own mistakes, I think it is better to learn from the experiences, both the victories and blunders of those who came before us, who now have greater wisdom and are 'older and wiser', so we wouldn't have to experience it ourselves. Reading Dekada would benefit people like me, particularly those who have no one to emulate. Personally, the reason I want to read your memoir is I need a roadmap, a firsthand account from someone who's been down the road to show me the challenges that may lie ahead in law school and for me to assess whether the study of law is worth pursuing and if I'd have the mental dexterity to champion it. Thank you Attorney for your videos and for writing Dekada, winning a copy would mean a lot but I surely would support and order the book.

  2. Hi, Atty. I am a Registered Pharmacist by profession, graduated last 2017. I, presently, work full time in a hospital. At 24, I decided that I want to be a lawyer so I enrolled. I am now a Juris Doctor Freshman. We are on our third week of classes now and I am really having a difficulty adjusting and managing my time. Coming from a medical undergrad course is very hard plus my vocabulary is not that good. Sleeping makes me guilty. I feel like I was back on those days when I was reviewing for my Pharmacy board exam. The pressure, anxiety, guilt, self-pity… and I am just starting my law school. I don't have friends or family members whom I can ask about law school. I've been watching vlogs about law school to motivate me and make me continue what I started. Hearing stories of law students and lawyers gives me hope that the struggles I am facing now is part of the process.

    I am not also prepared to enter law school, Atty. Yes, it was a wishful thinking before but turning those thoughts into reality is not that easy pala. The glory of being a lawyer is a result of hardwork and self-discipline. I am still to nurture that self-discipline when it comes to studying, Atty. I hope I can pass this difficult phase of being a law student. I hope I will be chosen to have a copy of your book, DEKADA. Thank you, Atty. for making contents like this. Thank you for your YT channel.

  3. Wanted to read that book since you released it … hoping that this will be my chance … as an aspiring lawyer I wanted to see the things you've learned thru the decade you've spent and as I prepare for it I can apply some now as I wait for the Lord to lead me to law school. Sometimes it frustrates me to wait the go signal of the Lord … but as I wait I grab this opportunity to learn as much as I can about law and law school. Hope your book can be one 🤗

  4. Your video Atty. really inspires me to study law. When I graduated high school I always knew that I wanted to become a lawyer, but just the though of taking the bar examination and thinking about the sleepless nights that I would soon encounter if I take this course, it scares me and so I back out and take another course instead. I chickened out I admit. But years passed after I graduated with the course I took, I got a job, but it seems like something is really missing, I am not happy with my decision, I have regrets, and actually anything related to law always pops up in my head. It took me 6 years to finally decide to pursue and study law. I gather all my courage to finally stand and face my dream of becoming a lawyer someday. I am now a freshmen student pursuing law in one of the university here in our province. I admit I am still scared knowing that this might not be as easy as what I think it is based on what I've seen in television dramas. Well guess what, despite of all the negative thoughts, part of me is still dedicated to continue and believes that I will surely make it till the end. I don't want to live life full of what if's. I hope the next time I comment on your videos, after 4 years, I will be a lawyer by then. In God's time. Keep inspiring others on your videos, they somehow gives us aspiring lawyers hope at the same time ideas about law school. 👍😊

  5. Answer to the question:

    I want to read Dekada bcoz even before the pandemic, I had this plan to study the law. I believe that reading dekada will help me build more my competence, confidence and capability to survive law school and later on become a lawyer someday. More importantly, studying the law will help me more on my work as an auditor in the govt. I believe that it would allow me to contribute more improvement to public service and be able to help those who have less in life.

  6. I'm an incoming Law school freshman and classes start next week. I have been watching your videos since January which was about the same time I have rekindled my desire to become a lawyer by spending time with friends who are now lawyers. I dreamt of becoming a CPA-Lawyer in high school but I have ended up a with degree completely unrelated to Law School and I have always blamed lack of financial resources for completing a 5-year course which I never really had a passion for. All I know was I had to grab the scholarship opportunity, graduate, and, being the ate, work so I can help provide for the family. More often than not, I think about how much time I have wasted by not pursuing law during the first few years of being in the corporate world. That's 6yrs of my life of not being where my younger self thought my present self would be in. That's 6 years of just mindlessly waking up to the dreadful routine of 'working-earning money-paying bills'. I'm just sure that DEKADA will help me avoid 6 more years of just questioning my decisions in life. Whether I win or not, I enjoy your videos Attorney. Weirdly enough I'd shed anxious tears as well as tears of relief whenever I would watch your videos. Maraming salamat po and God bless!

  7. Admittedly, of course, entering law school is a huge decision requiring huge amount of effort and sacrifices. I want to read ‘Dekada’ because I want to explore what really is there to experience – victories and struggles. As an incoming freshman, it would be a great eye opener. Thank you so much, Atty. Lex!

    Yes for more contents!

  8. My older brother right now ay negrereview para sa Bar exams nagkataon din na pareho namin gustong maging abogado pero ang daunting lang sir na online class kami ngayon na wala naman talagang tinuturo gagraduate tas sasabak sa law school. Sobrang nakaka pressure kasi alam ko kung gano kahirap sa Law school base sa mga kwento ng kuya ko sa experience niya. Kaya request ko po sana tips sa entrance exam ng law school at pano sumagod ng mga questions sa law school like exams, seatworks etc.

  9. Hi Atty. I'm glad your back. I've been an active follower and viewer of your channel since the pandemic started and I was really sad when to stopped posting videos for the past 7 months. But now, I am so happy that you're back healthy. As someone who aspires to become a lawyer someday, your channel really helped me a lot. And I learned so much just by watching your videos. Thank you Atty. God bless you ❤️🙏

  10. Hi sir Lex,
    I'm a double degree holder and about to take my board exam. I really want to go to law school after I finish the boards, but because of the delays my dream to enter law school is also delayed. I'm so happy when I heard your advocate that you want to raise up God fearing lawyers. Because that's one of my reason before I decide to take law. I want our country to have at least some righteous and virtuous lawyers. I hope I can read your book in the future! I'm literally watching video marathon because your videos makes my fire burning for law school. 🤗

  11. Good eve Atty. Lex. Pumasa po ako. Ngayon po ay enrolled na rin. Saan ko po kaya maaring mabili ang Dekada? Gusto ko po sanang gawing inspiration. August 17 po kasi first class ko.

  12. Thank you!
    Very timely and relevant ang video especially to me na incoming freshman. Inabot man ng DEKADA para makapag enroll ako sa Law School, I know worth it naman.

    Looking forward to see more of your videos po 😁😊

  13. I'm quite in a hard situation right now wherein I'm stuck and is unable to continue the path I'm intended to pursue. I dropped out of college to work, a practical response during the pandemic. I'm not sure if I I'll be able to touch The Bar, let alone receive my bachelor's degree diploma. We all have our own reasons as to why we want to go to lawschool, regardless… we all need kindle to keep the fire burning. "Dekada" may either inspire us or redirect us depending upon the race set before us. Pero kung ako ang papalaring mapili, I'll use this as a reminder that my work right now is just an avenue for me to achieve who am I supposed to be, a law practitioner.

  14. thank you for this atty. im an incoming freshman. been bingewatching your videos and other lawschool vlogs to somehow prepare my psyche on what to expect in law school. i will be the first lawyer in the clan hopefully and wala akong kaalam-alam ano itong susubukin ko. thank you for your videos

  15. Thank you po, Attorney. Lex!

    I still have two years bago makatungtong sa law school, though may pagdududa pa rin po sa tatahakin I'm too motivated to continue. Sobrang nakakatulong po yung mga videos niyo 🙂 gusto ko pong mabasa ang DEKADA para mas lalo po akong maging handa at tuluyang mawala ang pangamba bagkus ako po ay tuluyang maging handa sa simulang hakbang na ito upang maging ganap na abogado sa hinaharap.

    Padayon, Attorney!

  16. Hi Atty. Lex! In coming first year student po ako sa law school. Sa case ko po, naka ilang attempts po ako mag enter ng law school kaso di po ako matuloy tuloy, gawa ng nung nag work po ako nawalan na po ako ng time tapos after college di kami okay finacially, pero that gives me more time to think kung talagang gusto kong maging abogado.

    siguro "silver lining" na din po yung nawalan man ako ng work this pandemic, nagkaroon naman po ako ng oras at kakayahan na ipursue ang pangarap ko. Bago po pala ako nag decide mag enroll isa po ang channel nyo sa pinapanood ko para makapag decide if gusto ko pa ba talaga, if handa na ba ako sa papasukin ko. Sabi nga po nila "nothing of worth comes easy" kaya ngayon handa na po ang loob ko na pandayin ng law school ☺.

    Maraming salamat po at nag exist ang channel niyo, nakakainspire po kayo. God bless you po!

  17. Freshman law school student here. Start po namin next week. Been watching your channel about a year already. Thank you so much, it helped me a lot. I am waiting for lecture series for constitutional and criminal law though.

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