"Law School" (Payphone by Maroon 5 Parody) by Chocolate Ghost House

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“Law school”
Parody of the song “Payphone” by Maroon 5
by Chocolate Ghost House
and featuring the WVU College of Law

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Lyrics by
Andy Loud

Performed by
Chocolate Ghost House (Tyler Murray and Andy Loud)
College of Lolz (WVU Law School)

*Special thanks to Scott Lemley for letting us use his filming equipment*



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  2. So no one pointed out that the lawrence v texas case was a landmark for ruling that illegalizing homosexual activity (generally viewed as sodomy) is unconstitutional????? Thus the next line about law school sodomy?????????????????????????????? That was genius

  3. my mom told me when she was in law school her friend stayed up for a week straight drinking nothing but black coffee and apparently he got so delirious in his lack of sleep that he chucked a book at his roommate because he thought he was a demon

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