Law School Husslin 2 – The Final Chapter

Western Law Obiter Dicta 2011 | Contact and Production Information:

Mike Lickver | Jesse Mighton | Fabian Monaco |

Directed by Antoine Biko |

Recorded at Diamond Factory Studios | @sunnydiamonds |

Additional vocals provided by ‘Brian Notice’ | @noticemusic |

Photography | Joelle Elfassy Photography |

Beat Produced by ‘Kane Beatz’ | @KaneBeatz |



  1. haha. be creative. trust me that's what every employer is looking for. I would stay away from those who don't. good luck. Didn't see ur music vid though. I am really interested in knowing what you come up with.

  2. This is just awful. This crap actually helped land you a job? I'll stay clear of that law firm.If you have to pull this sh** in order to score paper pushing law gig, your employer must be desperate.

  3. Hope ya'll remember this on a Saturday night while you are 10 boxes deep in a pointless due diligence on an obscure E&P mid cap Albertan corp that keeps getting rescheduled because the 22 year old RBC i-bank associate keeps changing his mind about the closing date.

  4. Renting a plane: Lead singer's full law student line of credit
    Studio and recording sessions: White suite's LOC
    Production, cameras and clothing: 3rd dude's LOC
    5000+ views and props around western campus…Priceless

  5. I highly recommend making this a video response to

    F*** You – GWU Law Revue 2011

    If they can hit 300k+ views, there is NO REASON why this video shouldn't, it should def get out there

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