Law School Horror Stories

Just how traumatic is law school?

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  1. You were lucky to have a professor who gave you a chance to answer and forewarned you with an alphabetical headsup . Kingsfield wouldve crushed you . You are definitely a solicitor.

  2. I've taken paralegal classes at our 3 C's , it's taught by lawyers – public defender's, 30 year experienced lawyers….we've had civil procedure, etc. Wasn't bad.
    The old guy was so baiting you. There are a lot of female lawyers.

  3. This seems like a walk in the park compared to the humiliation, discrimination and berating I dealt with in the military. I was hoping for something actually terrible.It's only 3 years and you come out with a degree, unlike years of thankless toil. lol I guess it helps going in older and having endured scrutiny. I want to hear from people who are hardened and resilient. No offense to these girls, but this was not the video I was hoping for.

  4. Now I studies alone at home. So lonely and traumatic. I missed many class because I cannot focus anymore. So l just decided to study later. So now I have 9 class to follow 😭😭😭😭
    I hated it, study during quarantine. You know, before taking the obligation law exam for 30 min, my eyes and my breath turn weird, as I will fall at every moment, so I go to the toilet then I cried of afraid that I would fall asleep since I hate taking caffeine. I slept only 4 hours, which I did not do it usually. Well, maybe it’s about my menstruation hormone also, but I would be sad if I did not get a chance to write the exam yet. So I cried in front of the exam room, which my friends have to calm me down to take the exam. I do love them very much for wasting their time to calm my self. I lost 15 min of the study revision and it does wake me up. I tried so hard not to fall sleep even during 3 hour that I spend during take the exam, I can feel that my eyes want to close so bad. Well, I took the test without fall sleep but you know, I never felt this way. My 15 years school life never gave me any pressure until I decided to take a law school. 😞

  5. I did 1 semester @ the non-accredited RACIST Massachusetts School of Law at Andover located in massachusett an in class room face to face school with the professors The school is racist & has a clever Ponzi scheme of admitting a large # of well educated Black & Hispanic College graduates so they can take their student loan money to keep the school afloat then in the 1st semester the school will fail an over whelming amount of the minority students By the end of the 1st semester I was the only minority student in my so called English class The professor did not know I was a English major and an English teacher & the English class was mainly there just to fail out the students because they didn't teach you how to legally write I couldn't understand what was going on until I to an online Law School which finally made me realize how Mass School of Law at Andover in Massachusetts was legally racially failing well educated minority students with their Ponzi scheme just 2take their $ At the online law school I attended u have 2learn the legal writing technique so u can take your exam it did not matter how well you study and know the material if you didn't write in the illegal format of writing then they can legally fail the ignorant students a fact the school is well aware of Do your own research & look up Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte North Carolina the school had to close down for similar reasons that the students over there didn't realize & then you'll understand what I'm talking about. Because of my intuition & research I was able 2Understand & figure out their Ponzi scheme I will not recommend any minority students to go to that school unless you are a house Niger then you will fit just perfectly well Lol. With my personal experience at the school I can truly understand why the court system has overwhelmingly placed a large amount of Black and Hispanic in the criminal jail system. Please pass this info

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