Law School: Han Joon Hwi and Kang Sol B

Kdrama: Law School
Cast: Kim Beom – Han Joon Hwi
Lee Soo Kyung – Kang Sol B
Song: Somebody Else – Raphiel Shannon

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—- MUSIC —-
♫ Somebody Else – Raphiel Shannon



  1. some say on twitter that the writer mentioned she actually intend to make them have sort of relationship but as the shoots continues they notice kang Sol and Joonhwi chemistry is too strong to break so they changed it to JoonsolA instead but still do not give a clear ending abt any ships lol. i love sol B since beginning but joonhwi and sol A definitely in love with each other

  2. We are busy shipping him with Sol A and Sol B, some even with Yeseul. Honestly though I feel he is looking out for them all in his own way.We could all use a friend who looks out for us and us looking out for them. No tension, no drama.

  3. I think Joon Whi and Sol B has more of a romantic chemistry than Joon Whi and Sol A.
    Joon Whi and Sol A has more of a good teasing friendship but people confuse it to be romantic

  4. I think they also have a great chemistry despite having a few scenes. But I also have a weird feeling that they might turn out to be siblings. lol

  5. I ship them even though it's clear that sol b is a supporting role there's no way this two will end up together or develop some feelings…. except sol b's one sided love 😖😂

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