Law School Gunner

The law school gunner is a law student that regularly raises their hand in class. Learn the eleven characteristics of the law school gunner, and whether they get higher grades in law school.

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  1. The difference between a gunner and a person who just learns better by being active and speaking in class is that the former is comfortable being wrong and learning from giving an incorrect or incomplete answer.

  2. Mightve been a gunner during my MBA, will try not to be a gunner in my JD.

    I definitely wasnt the top student in my mba, probably fell in that top 25% as you said.

  3. You see how people being involved in class is looked down on? You have to be patient and combative at the same time. You must fall in line but also be able to stand up for your ideas with vigor. Law school is going to tear you down and never build you up. If you can’t build yourself up you will be left behind ruthlessly. Your professors and students will pretend they care but will look down on you and talk about you behind your back. If you do not mind fighting and having conflict with people you spend every waking moment with go to law school.

  4. Hahaha being able to participate in class means nothing in law school. Only thing that matters is how you structure your exam and always always do what your professor says is right not what the book says or anyone else. Remember law school isn’t school it is a game that you must play alone and for other people.

  5. "OK, before we all go home for the weekend, does anyone have any questions?"  I dreamed of punching that guy who then asked theoretical questions. He often made unsolicited comments: I see, yes, of course, you're right, I understand. Maybe I whispered something rude to him outside. To my surprise he apologized. I then apologized for being rude.

  6. I am in high school currently and jr. year I want to take classes at community college with high school. Will this help my chances of getting into law school?

  7. The smartest students don’t show off and are the quietest in lectures, they get the highest grades and don’t go to all of the lectures because you see some students just naturally have a legal mind (perhaps they came from a legal family such as I did [although I’m not a gunner I’m pretty average] with a federal judge for a dad who has exposed his kids to legal thinking from a young age— perhaps inadvertently). The point is not only are some students quiet in class yet hard working, there are some students who are quiet in class but don’t work hard and still achieve higher than the gunners because law comes naturally to them.

  8. That moment you realise you are the gunner of all your classes hahaha. I have always had the impression that it is a good thing to be a gunner however, as it demonstrates to your tutors that you are indeed engaging with the subject and reading the necessary materials. I personally just really enjoy giving my input in class and talking to lecturers.

  9. This video was disappointing, sorry. Here’s why:

    1. You seem to include every extrovert in the “gunners” camp.

    2. This list could easily be condensed into 4 or 5 characteristics instead of 11, as most involved hand raising in class.

    I love your other videos, though.

    Cheers. 🙂

  10. I think it mostly important to participate in class when asking questions. It’s better to get out uncertainties in class, rather than when taking your final exam.

  11. Some of these traits are positive, like sitting close to the front. I believe you even recommend that in another video, as there are less distractions than further back. A lot of things listed I was taught are good, like class participation, preparation, and work beyond what's required. Maybe you could do a video about what you do want a student to be like in class?

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