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In this interview, Beau Baez explains how to succeed on a law school essay exam. For those needed help with the bar exam, Brainscape provides useful resources at

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  1. Law school is an interesting paradox: you pay over $100k in tuition fees, have no social life, your reading roughly 6-10 hours a day. Most of your grades are determined by one exam. Even if you get your JD you still need to pass the bar exam. Only 30% of people pass the bar exam, if your lucky you just might get a job. There are more lawyers then jobs available. That is why law school is a paradox. Even with the degree and license you probably won’t have a job and be in debt. Unless you went to a top tier law school.

  2. Respected Sir,
    I'm currently practising in Indian Courts ! I wish to work in Law firms of Netherland , ,London or Any country .. Kindly guide me !
    My specialisation is LLM in Corporate and Securities law

  3. Know where your exam is. Drive there a day early to become familiar with the location and where to park. Bring lunch or healthy snacks. I brought a pair of cheap earplugs to help concentrate. A motorist stopped me in near panic. She was looking for her test location and had only 20 minutes to arrive on time. I had her follow me to calm her nerves, but with her approach…she's not prepared for anything.

  4. I'm a first-year student at unsw and fortunately, we are having mid-term assignments (20-30% marks) and class participation(20%), so our marks have been kinda divided into different parameters, although the end term exams still got the most marks.

  5. Is it an unrealistic goal to get A's on most of your Law School exams? What can I do the summer before law school to get ahead, im very concerned about my performance because the best job opportunities tend to go to those toward the top of the class

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