LAW SCHOOL DORM TOUR 2020 | University of Michigan Lawyers Club *realistic*

Law School Dorm Tour 2020 at the University of Michigan Lawyer’s Club

Hi everyone!!
I’ve been saying that I was going to film a dorm tour for forever and I finally did it! I always knew that if I was coming to campus for my first year, I was going to live on res. Michigan law school has their own residence hall JUST for law students, and it’s so convenient. It’s literally across from the law school and it overlooks our beautiful law quad. I hope you enjoy watching how cheap I am and how much of a hoarder I am lol. New law school vlog coming out next week!! If anyone wants to send me flowers for my wine bottles, hmu ! Also, I didn’t realize how fast I was talking until I started editing, so hopefully you understand what I’m saying, it’s something I’m working on.

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What law school do you go to? The University of Michigan Law School!
What undergrad did you go to? The University of Toronto! 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much for watching everyone!! In case you haven't noticed, my channel has gone though a little bit of a rebranding 🥰🥰I'm so excited to continue sharing this law school journey with you all

  2. Michigan Law really has the best housing options compared to other schools that are of its caliber. Rarely any other law schools offers law school exclusive dorms that have private bathrooms and are IN the campus.

  3. Thomas Binger. – A great product LOL. Worse trial lawyer I’ve ever seen. Will be facing sanction . Must be so proud .
    Get your law degree in a cereal box !!!!

  4. oh my gosh my parents literally have the exact same plate as the one in your kitchenette! is this a chinese american/canadian thing??

  5. Are you studying family law or anything with court of appeals or supreme court?? My Daughter was ILLEGALLY KIDNAPPED a week before her 8th birthday and I have been fighting since day one… I am in desperate need of help as all the money I've managed to come up with, close to 50K still need to pay back all went to lawyers who never never did their jobs, stole my paperwork and took my money and left me to do everything on my own…. I REALLY NEED HELP! MY DAUGHTER'S LIFE AND MINE DEPENDS ON IT😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏….. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN OR KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN🙏🙏🙏!!!

  6. I just started viewing your videos, and I’m not sure if you covered this already, but what is the atmosphere/vibe in the Lawyers Club? I know with Covid it’s probably not a lot of gathering, But does it help with connecting to professors and fellow classmates? By the way, thank you so much for doing all these videos. I can’t wait to watch them all!

  7. This is so amazing! I got into Michigan a few weeks ago and am very strongly considering it and it's so awesome to see such a thorough tour of the Lawyer's Club's rooms. For the shared kitchen, are there any communal pots/pans (maybe not right now bc of covid) or do people typically have their own?

  8. Just out of curiosity do you still take side notes + highlight when you use the book stand? I've considered getting one but I love taking notes on the side so I wasn't sure if it would work for me

  9. I love how realistic this dorm room tour is, nothing extravagant, but just really showing what a student's life look like. Those Pottery Barn catalogue looking dorm rooms are nice, but just really out of touch with reality.

  10. Probably cinches it for me as far as applying to U of M for entrance next fall. I'm sold on the learning atmosphere, the standard of living, and the surrounding natural beauty. Way to go and thank you, Ms. Caroline! Go blue!

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