LAW SCHOOL DIARIES: morning readings, a little anxiety, birthday festivities and turning 24!!!

a bad bitch is 24!! thank you guys for watching!!

first birthday dress:
second dress:

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  1. Almost screamed through the phone when I seen the outfit😍😍😍 happy soul day beautiful !!!! Aquarius or Pisces ? I’m a Pisces sun Aqua moon lol makes so much sense your in law

  2. Happy birthday Leandra! Btw you're not the only one who feels the need to cry on their birthday, I always feel the same lol don't know why it happens

  3. 0:39 is sooo me right now in law school. Afternoon classes make me procrastinate my reading. I tell myself I’d do it in the morning and when it’s finally morning, I don’t want to do it 😂

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