law school but pretend it's a romance drama

[submits to jtbc] so….HyeBeom drama when ᕕ༼✿•̀︿•́༽ᕗ I literally took out a whole ass murder plot out of the story lmao

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Song: Perhaps Love
by HowL, J

the law school cast being a chaotic mess:
If Law School was a RomCom:
kang sol a and joon-hwi being too friendly with each other for almost 3 minutes:



  1. omg I just noticed jihoo addressed sol b simply as “kang sol” just like how joonhwi did to sol A 😭 the two couples we needed

  2. People disappointed that they were not holding hands didnot kiss etc .im happy that the whole drama was clean and people like us can see . I try to avoid those scenes😶

  3. This video is all that is good. This is how it should be: Sol A with Joon Hwi and Sol B with Ji Ho because they make the perfect match. I'm sure that if the writers had taken advantage of their chemistry even a little, the drama would have been even more successful

  4. the edits are flawless wth! my friend recommended me this video not knowing i already finished watching law school. if i didn't i would believe this is a romance drama. VERY NICE!!

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