Law School Application Mid-Cycle Update | LSAT Re-take, Acceptances, Waitlists, & Scholarships

Hey y’all!
In this video I’ll be giving an update on how my law school application cycle is going so far. I’ll be discussing everything from my LSAT retake experience in January to the schools I’ve been accepted to so far. Hope you enjoy and best of luck to everyone still in this journey!
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  1. 🎉🎉🎉I took my LSAT made it thanks to Mr clark who helped me with tutoring after studying with him for two weeks I had 160points. He provided me with tips and questions which greatly helped me.I want to recommend you all to him he has the key to success in his hands.After writing for 4 times I made it thanks to him.🎉🎉🎉🎉.

  2. I FEEL YOU 100%. Congratulations! My LSAT journey has also been 2 years and reddit has become my friend. 😂 Also been accepted to 2 schools and waiting for 4. Hope your number one school sends that acceptance.


  3. I'm toying with the idea if I should look into law school since I receive my BA in May. I'm already 27 and STILL not 100% sure what I want to do but I know law is a safe option and will present me a comfortable lifestyle.

  4. Congrats on your acceptances! I’m in the process of studying for LSATs. I’m also going for the free route because I don’t want more loans. I’m a career changer. I have 6 figure loans but the payments are doable. Lower than $250 a month because of repayment plans. I just don’t want more. Get as much $ as you can!

  5. Congratulations on your acceptance is! Since you’ve been out of your undergrad for two years, how did you go about getting letters of recommendation? I am thinking of taking a gap year after I complete my masters degree.

  6. You did not tell the proctor to clock out?! I'm obsessed, cause 1. I'm also in the middle of my application cycle and 2. I know a Bad B when I see one 💅 you got a new subscriber!

  7. Girl I just saw your video and I’m a pre-law student applying to law schools in Canada but first of all congratulations in getting into UT law! I do feel the pain of waiting for the results for law school of using a different Canadian law school forum website and the LSATs but it is helping me feel validated for how I feel rn but cannot wait to see your future videos 💕

  8. I have $700K in student loans and most of them will be forgiven. Focus less on that and more on fulfilling the goal. You can leverage the debt (age of accounts helps your credit, for instance.) Once you've established yourself in your practice, you can find other ways to deal with the student loans than just worrying about repayment. I'd also start now with learning how to write grants and getting as much free aid to attend, as possible.

  9. LOL I don't miss any of this. Went through it 15 years ago.

    However, understand if they are giving you a CAS and fee waiver, that you are one of MANY taking advantage of that benefit. Of course they're going to take their time responding hahaha come on now.

    Good luck. I'd go to Texas and keep it simple. You have to consider crossing the bar in some of these states. It's not fun, unless you plan to uproot your life and live there long-term. Otherwise, there's no real benefit.

  10. Hey, congrats on your acceptances so far! I'm also applying and hearing back from places, and had to subscribe. Lol, Reddit is a blessing & a curse. Good luck on the rest of your cycle!

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