law school admissions cycle recap: acceptances, waitlists, rejections, and STATS

See how I performed with a 166 LSAT and 3.63 GPA from a top undergrad during the 2021 law school admissions cycle :-). Comment if you’re interested in hearing about my “softs” (extracurriculars, writing, leadership, athletics, etc.) and I can make a video talking about that!
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  1. How did they know you were intrested in their school when they asked you for interviews and priority checks etc. Had you already applied before?

  2. Just for anyone watching this and don’t know about LSA, unless you are also an under represented minority (URM), you should take this video with a grain of salt so you don’t have unrealistic expectations. LSA are heavily data driven and URM status is a huge boost. Even given the boost, this person likely out performed their numbers. Not commenting on whether or not I think that boost is right or wrong. I just don’t want someone to see this who has similar stats get super let down when they are completely shut out of the T20.

  3. Hi Zoe! Congratulations on all your acceptances! I’m currently applying to law school this cycle and I wanted to know how you received a priority application offer? Thank you so much! I’m hoping to attend Duke 🙂

  4. Your results are so promising!!! I have similar stats to yours and I would KILL if I could get the results you got. My dream is Columbia though so hopefully I get in. Side note: you are so pretty!!! I love your eyes!

  5. University of Pennsylvania school of Law is very tough to get into, often times students from Yale etc. go there. I think its ranked higher than most.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! Congrats on all your acceptances and good luck at UPENN!!… Would you be willing to make a video about your softs too, please!? I'm interested to know more about your application as a whole and what type of law you mentioned being interested in. Thank you, again!

  7. youre so pretty and I love your teeth haha and wow congratulations you got so many acceptances! and I'd love to hear about your softs! I'm subbing so I can see how your law school journey goes

  8. CONGRATULATIONS 🎊 🍾. PLEASEEEE make more videos about your law school application journey. You got into some of the best schools in the country 😭 good for you.

    Also, what did you major in?

  9. CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL OF YOUR ACCEPTANCES!! Hope you enjoy UPenn!!! 🎊🎉 Can you do a video on tips for the personal statement. I’m applying for next cycle! You’re giving me hope!

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