Law School Ace Kim Beom Impresses His Classmates and Saves Ryu Hye-young 🙌🏻 | Law School | Netflix

Han Joon‑hwi (Kim Beom) is that one classmate who always aces graded recitations—luckily for Kang Sol A (Ryu Hye-young). 💯


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  1. I would have hated both of them as classmates while I was in law school – the know-it-all who can’t wait his turn and the unprepared who angers the professor, making recitations after his/hers even more stressful. It’s been a decade but I still recall how awful it felt to be in those classes.

  2. I dont know why but I saw him in 2 k -drama in second lead but I like his every character while he was in negative character ,he smoothly played his role like SMOOTH LIKE BUTTER.

  3. I can’t stand the main girl. I’m over those kind of characters and maybe it’s the actress. I’ve seen her in some things and I never liked her characters .

  4. Korean Law Professor: If you want me to remember you, you better not take away other students' chance to answer anymore.

    American Law Professor: Never take a learning opportunity away from another student no matter how smart you need everybody to think you are

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