Law Firm Interview Process – Law School 101 | My Law Firm On Campus Interview Experience

Law Firm On Campus Interview Process – Law School 101 | My Law Firm Summer Associate Job Search Experience

Hi Everyone!

Now that the law firm interview/hiring process is mostly behind me, I thought I’m share an update on how it went and some thoughts on my experience. I know that the law school – law firm interview program might be unknown to some, so I also gave an explanation on how it all works! This isn’t a unique process to T14 schools, a lot of law schools do their law firm hiring this way! Definitely a stressful process, but I’m glad that law schools do it centrally because it makes finding a position way easier!

00:00 – 1:46 Introduction
1:47 – 4:36 How Law Firms Hire from Law Schoo: Step 1: Law School On Campus Interviews
4:37 – 6:22 Advice for On-Campus Interviews/My Experience
6:23 – 7:10 Interview Format/Intro to Networking
7:11 – 7:29 Step 2: Callbacks
7:30 – 7:55 Step 3: Offers
7:56 – 9:12 Law Firm Hiring Options Outside of On Campus Interviews (If you don’t get an offer from OCI)/My Experience with this
9:13 – 11:32 Breaking down my approach/job search experience
11:34 – 12:50 Step 4: Second Looks (The best part)
12:51 – 13:16 More Thoughts on My Experience
13:17 – 14:09 Resources/Scholarships for Diverse Candidates from Firms
14:10 – 14:26 Wrapping up the discussion
14:27 – 23:37 Archived Vlog Content from the last 3 days of my On Campus Interview Week (The Screeners)
23:38 – 24:22 Archived New York Footage from my Second Look

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