Law Firm Interview Process – Law School 101 | My Law Firm On Campus Interview Experience

Law Firm On Campus Interview Process – Law School 101 | My Law Firm Summer Associate Job Search Experience

Hi Everyone!

Now that the law firm interview/hiring process is mostly behind me, I thought I’m share an update on how it went and some thoughts on my experience. I know that the law school – law firm interview program might be unknown to some, so I also gave an explanation on how it all works! This isn’t a unique process to T14 schools, a lot of law schools do their law firm hiring this way! Definitely a stressful process, but I’m glad that law schools do it centrally because it makes finding a position way easier!

00:00 – 1:46 Introduction
1:47 – 4:36 How Law Firms Hire from Law Schoo: Step 1: Law School On Campus Interviews
4:37 – 6:22 Advice for On-Campus Interviews/My Experience
6:23 – 7:10 Interview Format/Intro to Networking
7:11 – 7:29 Step 2: Callbacks
7:30 – 7:55 Step 3: Offers
7:56 – 9:12 Law Firm Hiring Options Outside of On Campus Interviews (If you don’t get an offer from OCI)/My Experience with this
9:13 – 11:32 Breaking down my approach/job search experience
11:34 – 12:50 Step 4: Second Looks (The best part)
12:51 – 13:16 More Thoughts on My Experience
13:17 – 14:09 Resources/Scholarships for Diverse Candidates from Firms
14:10 – 14:26 Wrapping up the discussion
14:27 – 23:37 Archived Vlog Content from the last 3 days of my On Campus Interview Week (The Screeners)
23:38 – 24:22 Archived New York Footage from my Second Look

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  1. Hey! I am starting at a lower-ranked law school in DC in the fall and if I do well enough 1L plan to try to transfer to georgetown or northwestern. Would you mind sharing how OCI worked for you given that you transferred from michigan to harvard?? I worry about that since OCI is typically at the end of the summer, and the grades the firms are looking at would be from my 1L school and not the school I'm transferring into. Thank you SO much!!!!

  2. hey Caroline! this is such a helpful video thank you 🙂 I was wondering, what are OCI interviews & offers based on? is it your resume, your 1L first semester grades (if these come in in time?)? does undergrad GPA/LSAT still matter at that point? thanks so much!

  3. Congratulations Caroline! I go to this video a bit later than normal. School is getting really busy.

    Good luck with the rest of the term ! You got this!!! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing your advice about how to get interview for job offers. I would never expected for someone who is engaged would hinder someone who wants to work in their law firm. I do want to ask, what happens if you don't have any callbacks, after getting the assistance from the law school? Is there any other alternatives or do you have to go back to the law school and ask for assistance? I am hoping to apply law school for Fall 2022 once I finish the Jan LSAT test, still nervous but busy studying away. Your videos help me motivate myself in wanting to go to law school. Can't wait for more of your vlogs!! 😀

  5. Omg this video is so helpful! You should be so proud of yourself. You stuck to your goals and didn’t settle for less than exactly what you wanted and you succeeded! I never knew that you could interview for international placements. Were there a lot of opportunities abroad during EIW?

  6. ok i only got 2 minutes in…she took her ring off because shes afraid she might be judged that she might get pregnant right away?! how awful!🥺 is that what employers really think today of engaged peeps? im 41/single/great secure job so i am trying to understand

  7. Big hugs Caroline ❤ I'm graduating from u of t and going through the law school application process. It is quite stressful. I am also a first generation student.

  8. Such a helpful video as another first-gen college and law student trying to navigate my 1L year. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I’d love a video as well about the networking discussion you mentioned!

  9. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for being transparent and open about your experience, it's extremely inspiring! I had a question about the diversity scholarships that you mentioned. I'm applying to law schools for Fall 2022 and was wondering if those scholarships are only offered to current law students or if I could apply to them now as a prospective law student? Thanks!

  10. I want to go to a law school so bad but english isnt my first language. I’m from the Philippines, and i’m afraid i’m not gonna be able to deliver impactful statements like most lawyers do which discourages me a lot… its not that i cant speak in english well its just that I feel intimidated…. You inspires me a lot.

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