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How to become an Attorney or Advocate in South Africa
(Become a Lawyer)




  1. To someone who has passed matric with diploma and is doing first year in part time studies in something what are your tips for him or her to enter llb later on?

  2. Very helpful video. Thank you makes my decision a lot easier. I do have a question and hoping that someone can help me. I have a B.Ed teaching degree and I’m strongly suggesting to study law. Will still be able to apply for the LLB course?

  3. Ur requirements are not accurate man plz check them. There is no 80% requirement average for law. Most ppl who get distinctions in high school hardly ever go to do law they choose medicine.

  4. Hello BA Im just wondering will I be able to become a lawyer by first taking a BA general for my first year then apply to law with that years marks?

    Edit: can I also ask what is the minimum APS points required for a BA general

  5. I’m grateful I came across this channel I really find it helpful, I’m currently in grade 11 based in Midrand and have a strong desire in studying for law and becoming an Attorney thanks for this content and may God bless you🙏🏽

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