Kang Sol A & Han Joon Hwi – Eyes Off You | Law School [FINALE FMV]

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Drama: Law School
Song: Eyes Off You

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  1. I honestly was zooming in to see if BY CHANCE joon hwi and sol had rings in the last minute of the series finale like MAYBE 👀 it was an unspoken relationship and in the time skip they’d be the married badass couple prosecutor hubby/lawyer wife thAT I DESERVED TO SEE IN THE END!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  2. I imagine they have season 2, and they always together like suspicious partner. Last episod of season 2 is joon hwi kiss kang sol A forehead. I dont mind if they dun kiss lips, at least forehead or cheeks😭😭😭😭i want more romance from themmmmmmm

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