1. Such a powerful video! It's so heartbreaking to know there are people in real life going through this, not knowing that this is not 'normal'. Trash like that guy always have their way with innocent people! This video showed how hard it is for victims to stand up for themselves either because they fear for their life, or because they don't even realize it's wrong. If anyone is going through this, please seek help from the people you trust. Know that you are loved. You life and happiness matter so much and you don't deserve the pain you're going through. Stay strong! Wonderful edit as always❤

  2. Obsession isn't love! Please spread awareness about dating abuse and domestic abuse! Victims may not speak but for those who witness it should speak up!

  3. I am hoping that people who're experiencing the same situation of Ye Seul will finally got the nerves and courage to speak out and yell for help. Knowing that this type of relationship exists worries me.

  4. Why are the male leads in kdramas always so aggressive and like clingy. It might just be me but it seems that they’re just acting like they own the girl and it’s just like what the hell. They toy the females and act like they’re an object. Smh

  5. Such idiots don't deserve an angel like yesuel , I was about to kill him but kept quiet because of Kang Sol A I swear

  6. Is it only me who hates the oppressed more than the oppressor? I hate when people don't fight back. And i am someone who helps people in need but at the same time such spineless people who choose not to stand up for themselves disgust me.

  7. All together united children including let us turn to the Eternal Father !! Therapeutic indications. Dear brothers, instead of useless thoughts including other worthless projects, we optimize everything and therefore I take this opportunity to offer you a mutual and collective collaboration carried out through prayer. Let me explain immediately: together with some of you, I have formed a prayer group that I have baptized "Trinity Network", which consists of a communion of universal brotherhood based on the love of God the Father. Every evening after dinner or in any case before to go to sleep, we each carry out the prayers from our own home together with the other participants, scattered in different places around the world.
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    Ave Maria
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  8. I love the fact prof Yang quit being her attorney so she could defend for herself by herself. He treated the trial as his lesson and made her open up about the relationship

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