Jeon Ye Seul ✘ Broken on the floor | Law school [ TW ]

“The moment you were forced to have intercourse and began to hide signs of assault behind your sunglasses, you couldn’t call it love.”

when teacher yang walked as her attorney I cried my eyes out. Ye-Seul stuffed so much but she has got friends and teachers who’re willing to fight for her.
I hope more shows will bring awareness to sexual abuse and assault instead of romanticizing abusive behaviors like a list of famous dramas does.

drama: law school (ep: 1-9)
song: broken
Coloring: ellenvids

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  1. I actually don't like her character, she's too weak and fragile. She couldn't even stand for herself and tolerates her abusive boyfriend to manipulate her. damn

  2. in all honesty, i really like how her character was portrayed and handled in the drama. and that her story of being an abuse victim was properly addressed, unlike some dramas where abuse is just used as a plot point to make the audience feel bad for the character. it also shows how it is extremely difficult for someone to cut off a toxic relationship completely on their own, bc more often than not, victims aren't even able to acknowledge that it's abuse; it requires consistent help and care from the people around them, which her friends did provide for her. and the way i just CRIED when she finally started standing up for herself…augh.i literally wanted to jump into the screen to hug her and pat her on her back for her courage. yeseul's character development is really one of the best in the drama imo, i love her so, so much.

    ALSO i should've probably said this in the beginning of the 'ment but, THIS EDIT IS REALLY GOOD! Just a suggestion, but it'd be nice if you could make another yeseul edit with scenes from the later episodes where she starts having char development. once again, just a suggestion heh.♥️

  3. U know what hurts about her trial… haa It's not only the fact that she had to reveal all that about herself but about how that female prosecutor watched the video and was still trying to make that sonovab*tch innocent

    Seeing a fellow female acting like that bcs of money or a little grudge made me cry honestly if it was me up there id have died from being sufficated by all of my personal business being revealed and by he when I cme out with them I was being called a liar… Haa hw painful

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