Is Law School Hard? | The Honest Truth

Is law school hard? Like really? Should you really be afraid or anxious to go to law school? Is it really hard as everyone says it is? In this video, I provide you with 5 reasons why I think law school is difficult. Although it is hard, I believe you can pass law school if you persevere and stay encouraged.

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  1. Interesting video to watch. Nice to see someone go out of their way and share their experiences with others so that they can make an important life choice of whether law school is for them or not. 🙂

  2. As law students, we're all preparing to take on and solve the most complex issues of personal and business livelihoods of our future clients. If it was all "easy" in law school, we wouldn't be ready to face those harsh realities and challenges that clients bring to us in law practice. We all possess limitless potential to become greater version of ourselves in law school and beyond.

  3. Undergrad major was finance. Biz school = easy. Went to top 20 law school. Law School = hard because it is SO much reading that you are always overwhelmed with busy work. Now after many years I am a Computer Science student and I can tell you straight up that any STEM degree is exponentially harder than law school. Notice how I got some math in there. 'Nuff said. Thing is, law school is in English, and uses the same logic you have been using to get your parents to do what you want since you were about four years old. It's natural in that you read cases and learn how they connect together and how to spot issues that connect together. STEM, in my case computer science, is all math, which is not the language you have bene using your whole life, and the logic? Wow.

  4. I'm in my 1L year right now and was feeling so discouraged tonight until I started binge watching law school YouTubers and found your video. It's so comforting to know that everything I'm feeling is normal and I can overcome it. Thank you!!

  5. idk bc i see these youtubers that are in law school and they are doing nightly readings and seem to have ALOT of free time during the day. is it true that the only exams in law school are finals? if thats the case then do you guys not have quizzes/tests during the semesters and only readings and cold calls, and trying to learn the legal jargon?

  6. wait nevermind you answered my question about the one final at the end of the year! but do you guys find that helpful or would you rather take exams through the semester? im so curious bc i lowkey wanna be a lawyer but i am in nursing school now

  7. Nice… video very informative and useful I'm a 50 year old 1L and these type of commentary platform help people face their academic and upward mobility fear's especially minorities

  8. thank you this is really good advice. i’m a college freshman at stanford and even though i’m not a law student, i relate on an undergrad level. comparison is a thief of joy. i admit that i compare myself so much to my peers but i doesn’t get me anywhere! thank you. i’m subscribing ❤️

  9. Yes law school is very difficult and a major adjustment. Common sense & the law don't mix. Also you should start to notice that you're thinking like a lawyer & seeing liability everywhere. LoL! Keep up the good work. I got 2.5 years left. I'm doing law school PT as a working adult.

  10. Great video! One way to prepare for the rigors of Law school, consider teaching for a couple of years! Legit it will do what this video has said. Trust me.

  11. I am extremely depressed after the first semester. I thought about doing something so violent over the weeks and the worst thing is I can't take any help from anyone

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