Introduction to Law School for First-Year Students

Professor Molly Bishop Shadel, Vice Dean George Geis and Professor Toby Heytens give first-year students advice about studying and acclimating to law school life as they head into their first week of classes. Topics include reading and analyzing cases, preparing for class, outlining, studying and exams. (University of Virginia School of Law, Aug. 19, 2016)



  1. Thank you , very helpful for journalists covering the courts – we have to think like lawyers, hoping lawyers will think a little more like journalists, helps improve the storytelling.

  2. Public vs Private law. The ALL CAPS NAME on the birth certificate is a LEGAL FICTION CORPORATE DEAD ENTITY that is bonded securitized and traded on the stock market. B.A R. standard for what? You don't know? British Accredited Registry. Under the CROWN CORPS-oration. When the traffic court commi$$ioner or judge asks, Do you UNDERSTAND the rights as I've given to you/said? And you reply "Yes, your Honor". (BTW, judges cant give you rights). Well, it means you just agreed to stand UNDER your rights? Blacks Law Dictionary. Look up words and always clarify WHICH MEANING (definition) they are using. There may be three different definitions. High Frequency Radio yt channel "Public vs Private", "Creditors and their Bonds", stop the pirates channel listen/watch, READ. Look up cestui vie que trust from 1666 and what happened. 1213: Pope Innocent III & the King of England agreement and how that still effects us today. Legal fictions have LIMITED rights (less than the natural BREATHING human being standing on the land) and obviously legal fictions don't require fresh air atmospheric oxygen 24/7, do they? The certificate of LIVE BIRTH was hijacked by THE STATE OF . . .your marriage was hijacked too, "by the POWER invested to me by The State of . allows them to control you and your offspring, they call children or kids. A kid is a baby goat.
    "You don't know what you don't know until you (decide to) find out you didn't know it". Deceptions run deep and wide. The ego will do anything and EVERYTHING not to admit it's been deceived. Good luck on your journey.

  3. Your being indoctrinated into being an accomplices in the greatest constructed fraud ever! When a fraud is realized, all CONtracts are null and void. The depths of the birth certificate will prove it.?

  4. 如果中国人,有法律,懂得英文LAW的力量,该是多么美好的事情。可惜。。中国只有邪恶统治。。有如纳粹的私生子在那蠢蠢欲动。

  5. Think like an economist not a lawyer. Too many lawyers and too little demand for their services. Good luck paying off those law school loans.

  6. … Wow, I must be ready for law school… I am already familiar to this and understand even more. Thanks to whomever sent this… My mind is vast and I love to learn …

    Note to the case that stood out… Lucy never had the initial amount to give in exchange for the farm. $50,000 to $5.00… In my opinion

  7. The objective history of the judiciary. In the United States Constitution, two types of courts were established. An Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction where tortfeasors settled shipping and commercial trade disputes. And Common Law Courts had jurisdiction over the people written in as the common law provisions in the Bill of Rights. In the Sixth Amendment, the people had a right to legal representation and there was a bond created that settled all non-capital offences before the bench. From the very beginning, the system was saturated with corruption. The judges and lawyers alike became wordsmiths exploiting the ambiguity of the English language to garner favorable outcomes for the highest bidder.

    In 1888, the 41st Congress adopted the RATified 14th Amendment which had been wordsmithed so that the grammatical fraud of changing the definition of people and persons to property already in place would mean that no one had the rights and protections of the Amendment because the property has no rights.

    On February 21, 1871, the 41st congress adopted the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, which was the surrender of "The Republic For The United States of America" and its property," the People" to the Federal Corporation, USA, Inc.

    Under the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine, every document created by this unlawful act is void as a matter of law. And when you factor in the absolute mandate that all contracts and laws must be written in real-time grammar and law books transliterate Latin and English in the same text, both of which is grammatical fraud) you see that the entire judiciary is fraud and that Every Single tortfeasor in history is/was judicially cognizant of their participation in this War On The People as defined in the Common Law Articles of the Constitution.

    What a lawyer will not tell you is that their license has the same duty to the State and Federal Corporation as the judge and prosecutor. And having a birth certificate instead of a certificate of live birth and the Social Security Card are financial instruments keeping you on the 14th Amendment side of the law as property without rights.

    When you do the math: 243 years with an average of 85% of the electorate being #lawyers you can see what the number one problem has been all along. #truthwhisperer #EnoughIsEnough #Fraudsters #traitors #treason

  8. "LAW SCHOOL" ?
    Or anti constitutional anti common law legal society indoctrination center ? And for what a "BAR"card from the British Accredited Registry to "PRACTICE" law in a bank of equity aka lower court ? Attorney's are not the same as lawyers and legal is not the same thing as lawful .
    Judges are administrators of estates not judges . They are literally maji in black robes . The whole system is satanic .

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