1. Kimbum understood the assignment lol. He knows how to give the greatest acting and giving the best reaction as someone who's having a crush on his own friend and just wanna keep it by himself. I just wanna have him as my classmate please 😭😭😭

  2. Idk what to watch next on netflix because this is my first time i watch both of them in 1drama😭 and there's no other drama that have them as lead 😭

  3. Everyone talks about how Kim Bum while Hyeyoung looks like a university student despite being just 1 year younger than Kim Bum

  4. You see Law School. All these scenes. And those gazes. At this rate his actions are not only louder than his words but actually TOO NOISY to be neglected. Come on jtbc. Do something about this. Cant believe you end a drama this way just because the genre is non romance. ㅠㅠ

  5. istg they gave me butterflies whenever they interact djdksksk its so lowkey but i can feel jinhwi's affection for kang sol a ksksksks pls give them romcom drama T____T

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