i quit my $350k job as a lawyer.

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i’m quitting – 0:00
intro – 0:21
short interlude – 0:58
reason #1: i do not want the partners’ lives – 1:54
reason #2: it’s time to take a risk – 5:56
reason #3: ownership – 9:50
what’s next? – 10:53

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❓ F A Q s ❓
how old are you? 30 (’91 baby)
which schools did you go to? yale (undergrad) and harvard (law school)
what did you major in? economics
what was your gpa and lsat score? 3.86/176
what sign/MBTI/enneagram are you? aries, ENFJ, 3w4
are you sure you’re not a virgo? no part of my star chart is virgo or an earth sign, i swear



  1. I love the way you express yourself. It's so easy for me to immerse myself, despite my critical attention issues. Thank you and best of luck in future endeavors <3

  2. Ha, interestingly enough, I always dreamt of being a writer (of fiction) and in fact I just wanted to write instead of going to university… I also have overbearing parents and was forced to go to undergrad, which I completed (eventually), and now I've got my sights set on law school. I just turned 26, tried writing again after graduating, but it wasn't the same as when I was a teenager and I found myself getting really depressed. So my (prospective) journey is sort of the inverse of yours ☺️

  3. This video gave me so much insight on life and not getting into law. The perspective you gave me really helped me not regret my decision to transition to engineering and IT.

  4. So..did a quick check. She earnt more in the first 3 ish months of the year at her job than I have earnt over the last 10 years. Following that logic on…in a way – one year of her life equates to 36 ish years of mine.

  5. it broke my heart when you said you wanted to major in English but was pressured to do otherwise.
    I'm doing a double degree in English & law (in Aus, a bachelor of law has to be taken with another degree) because my parents (Asian, haha) can't fathom my graduating with 'just' an Arts degree.

  6. I promised myself (at age 28) never to work full time again…..I would honestly just kill myself ……I did the full time thing for 7 years , it was hell ( I wanted to end it like 500 times a day)

  7. Congratulations on overcoming the anxiety needed to quit! Any tips on fielding questions from baffled family and friends who wonder how long you'll be unemployed? Have you considered moving to a place that is more conducive toward health (nature, sunshine)?

  8. Thank you for being vulnerable, authentic, and unapologetically yourself. This is a great video for everyone but particularly young Asian Americans in conservative/traditional households. You are amazing!

  9. She is fully entitled to make this decision, and I have no opinion on the choice itself.

    Statistically women are much less likely to stay in this career path than men. Usually this decision is fully due to personal preference and work-life balance. We should keep this in mind when we hear about the lack of women in these positions, and policies to try to change society so that they will stay…

  10. Omg i am wholly loving you. I watched all of your shorts and everything you said i relate to your way of thinking so much (i m ennea 4 btw) and after you said you wanted to be a writer i just couldn’t help but fangirl over you. I too want to be a writer and want to major in English but my parents are not quite agreeing with my way of living. I'm 17 now lets see where this road takes me to

  11. exactly why i want to get my law degree, work for a few years until i burn out (which will probably take only a few months) and then hopefully join the fbi 🙂

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