i quit my $350k job as a lawyer.

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i’m quitting – 0:00
intro – 0:21
short interlude – 0:58
reason #1: i do not want the partners’ lives – 1:54
reason #2: it’s time to take a risk – 5:56
reason #3: ownership – 9:50
what’s next? – 10:53

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❓ F A Q s ❓
how old are you? 30 (’91 baby)
which schools did you go to? yale (undergrad) and harvard (law school)
what did you major in? economics
what was your gpa and lsat score? 3.86/176
what sign/MBTI/enneagram are you? aries, ENFJ, 3w4
are you sure you’re not a virgo? no part of my star chart is virgo or an earth sign, i swear