I Got You (Han Joon-Hwi ✗ Kang Sol A) [Law School + 1×06 FMV]

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Music: I Got You by Bebe Rexha

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  1. Their interactions on the recent episodes are so cuteee honestlyy. Their chemistry is something else😭 although Law school is not a romance type of k-drama atleast more interactions from them would be enough😩.

  2. It's so obvious that he likes her. She may think of him as her friend but he is definitely attracted to her. It's written ALL OVER HIM bro.
    PS: I made an edit of Joon Hwi falling real hard for Sol A in my channel. Do check it out

  3. This is the first time in a long time that I’m enjoying the romance between the main couple. It’s so sweet and fluffy and it’s a typical trope but I think they have great chemistry

  4. i dont wish for a big love line but a tiny one wouldn't hurt o-0 i love these two! the characters click really well and even though they only got more feely smiley and close scenes this week, it felt so natural and like fitting

  5. I love watching the Law School it's fantastic and I really enjoy it so much especially I am very supportive of Kim Sang-bum's acting and he work hard so that I am so exciting for him. I love you Kim Sang-bum 🤟💞💋

  6. I actually started watching the drama after seeing one of their cute moments edits from ep 5, and now I'm positively hooked on this drama and shipping them so hard..I'm gonna have a mental break down if he doesn't end up with her or worse, if he ends up with Sol B lol

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