How to Survive Your First Week of Law School (My BEST TIPS)

How to Survive Your First Week of Law School (My BEST TIPS)
Another day, another vLAWgust! Hope you enjoy this one. I share all of my tips for surviving your first week of law school (I know it can be a crazy time!)
See you tomorrow for another vLAWgust!
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  1. Love your hair! I had mine done last week kinda similar 😁 I’m living for these Daily videos too, I’m preparing for 2nd year law and I’m feeling so inspired by you!

  2. You're Blonde Hair is so so on point, I love it, keep it blonde , don't change it, girls with blonde hair I heard have more power, love the video btw, I am studying Bachelor of Laws LLB at Waikato Uni in NZ, you mentioned judicial opinions, I have already done a Legal opinion where It was a memorandum and had to write a letter to a partner in a law firm and this semester I got to write a Legal Opinion but assignment name is a client advice letter and have to write it to a client, the set out is the same just like no headings or footnotes or bibliography cause here If you put that stuff in espeically fore the client advice letter, get -10 marks which you don't want but let me know how your judicial opinion goes,

    By the way do you use IRAC, Issue, Relevant Law, Application and Conclusion for your judicial opinion ,
    I have to Use IRAC for all legal opinions.

    So far throughout last semester, I learnt how to write a Case Analysis, Statutory interpretation, Legal Opinion
    Last Semester I did Crim law and this semester basic of Contacts as I will go into more detail next year when I do contracts as a subject in 2nd year. I am in my 2nd Trimester of class

    I got an A- overall for the paper so I am happy about that.
    This semester I get to do Mooting which my University has a Law Building and in that building we have a fake court just for moot competitions and for the in class Moot assessment , It will be interesting to see how I go. I have signed up for the moot competition and I am sure I will do well.

    I am also doing Legal 106 which is a full year paper, no assignments but just 4 tests and exam at the end. The cool thing about my uni is that we have a new system which is flexi which allows you to study on campus or at home and thats why there will be no exam for the rest of my degree but like final test but online.

    I have been doing really well in 1L cause I am actually putting in the effort to achieve A grades in tests and In my recent test I got 95% which I am really happy about,

    I study New Zealand Law
    You study American Law

    But both NZ and America both follow the common Law system which originated from England.

    Would love to hear from you so we can chat about our law degrees

    kind regards
    Sachin 🙂

  3. In the video you mentioned reading a week ahead, did you find yourself forgetting certain parts of the cases if you didn’t review before class?
    I remember in another video you mentioned that doing a brief for each. Case is not always worth it, so i was wondering what notes(aside from outlines) do you take on readings/during class?

  4. Hey Madison! Great video 🙂 I am a senior in high school hoping to go into law and I was wondering if you think doing a BA that is reading and writing heavy is good preparation for law school?

  5. Love the new hair! And I'm not usually someone who loves died hair because I always prefer a more natural look… But it's not too much and it looks great on you! The cutting was definitely much needed haha It looks waaaay healthier! 😀 Loving Vlawgust so far 😛

  6. Hi Madison! I absolutely love your new hair, it looks fantastic! And thank you so much for these tips. I start law school in a week and a half and the stress is real. Watching your videos makes me feel way more prepared!

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