"How to Read a Case" with UVA Law Professor Anne Coughlin

Professor Anne Coughlin explains how to read a case to first-year students during an event hosted by the Black Law Students Association. (Sept. 17, 2015, University of Virginia School of Law)



  1. A great boared lecture .
    Bla bla bla bla …
    Teacher centred class room .
    Is not expected at this level this type of lecture
    No pics nothing AV- aids are used.
    D grade lecture

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  3. I just started studying this. I know extremely little about law and I'm 44. Do I have any chance of succeeding or should I give up? Be honest. I have an 86 IQ and a 1.6 GPA. I was originally doing child development. I switched to criminal law about a week ago and I'm already confused by it.

  4. such a positive teacher. i'm not cut out for law school, but if I had her as a professor, I would work tirelessly to make it through school from her belief in me and inspiration. the skills she covered today I can apply in everything I read.

  5. If I had a teacher who can teach me law-subjects in this manner (how she acts, what she emphecises; i know it's spelled wrong, …) then I would smash every subject lol but that's not the case.

  6. Sometimes the highest court will be called the New York Court of Appeals… . Really? Even in other states? The NYS Court of Appeals is not the Supreme Court in NYS. It is the highest court in NYS.

  7. Entering the house after normal business hours (especially with other persons that are not known to the homeowner) most certainly IS intent to me! GREAT Class! Loved it.

  8. 1:15 'close reading' and The doctrinal content of the case
    1:58 'it'?
    2:26 questions to ask when reading a case
    2:47 'the doctrine that the case spells out'
    3:03 the course curriculum
    3:48 Cases teach a certain 'legal principle' or a certain 'doctrinal rule'
    5:13 How does the law define the actus reus of attempt?

  9. Insufficiency of the evidence….not if they don't have all the documents or evidence and their fact finding is based on false statements.??? What if you can prove you can with both arguments??

  10. As a law student in Germany, I fell in love with the way she speaks. Her teaching makes it easy to follow and understand! Her patience as well as her own passion about law is catching.
    Thank you SO much for providing us this fantastic lecture! Lots of love and respect to this brilliant professor!

  11. Still in 6th grade, but I really love this lecture! (Yes, I watched the entire 1 hour, 9 minutes, and 6 seconds of it) It teaches the basics of examining criminal cases. Thanks!!

  12. I am not a law student but yesterday I watched 'On The Basis of Sex' and I became intrigue about how to read a case. I love to get deeply immerse in this new way to think, read and see the world. So great and thankful to live in this era when if you're curious about something, you can just know a bit of this huge law's world in just a second!

  13. очень интересно. как в США оказалось 4 000 000 заключенных с такими правилами как у вас? у нас задержанных в отделе полиции избивают и заставляют признать в преступлении, а если дело ведет ФСБ, это нечто вашего ФБР/ЦРУ оно выполнят промежуточные функции. то суд просто воспринимает авторитет следственного органа и объявляет человека винновым в любых преступлениях. например, человек мог поехать на отдых в Турцию, а по возвращению обратно его обвиняют в том, что он тренировался в лагере боевиков. он говорит: нет. вот фотографии я отдыхал в отеле. вот свидетели, возьмите записи с камер из отеля. судья говорит: нет. у нес есть секретный свидетель, который видел тебя в тренировочном лагере террористов. и этот секретный свидетель дает показания на судя говоря их в ведро, спрятанный за простыней. при том, что у нас в России посадить можно любого человека, абсолютно за что угодно, у нас в процентном отношении людей сидит меньше чем у вас. удивительное дело.

  14. с точки зрения российского права, решение было отменено по "процессуальным основаниям". В России этих ребят никогда бы не оправдали. у нас вообще никого не оправдывают. Иногда оправдывают и тоже кстати присяжные, но потом людей судят повторно уже без присяжных. меняя им причину преследования так, чтобы нельзя было воспользоваться судом присяжных.

  15. Great speaker, she’s compelling and cut to the quick immediately. Strikes me as a person who has very little time in her day for bullshit, and I appreciate her passing on the savings

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