How to Choose the Right Law School For You

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There are over 250 different law schools in the US. Did you choose the right one? Are you choosing between law schools right now?

Choosing the right law school can make all the difference when you graduate. Big firms have general rules based on the particular law school — I should know, I’ve recruited lots of associates for big law positions.

Your law school can make getting the right job easy or impossible. Sometimes it feels impossible to choose between different law schools.

But, there are a few factors and a few general rules of thumb that you should take into account that make it easier. Taking these factors into consideration will help make sure you pick the law school that is right for you.

Even if you’ve already chosen your law school, you’ll find this video invaluable. You can confirm you made the right choice. And if you didn’t you might consider transferring to the law school you should have chosen (transferring is an option if you have the grades!).

By the end of this video you’ll know the right law school for you. AND you’ll learn about what it takes to get into Big Law from any law school in the country.

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  1. I am applying to law school this fall and I am trying to decide on my list before applications officially open. My list right now includes schools close to the firm I want to work at and its different locations and I couple of schools that are just generally good school and some that are just "safety"

  2. I don't understand why it makes such a difference. Can you explain that or is there already a video about that particular idea? I don't think they're teaching anything different than what is being taught anywhere else. For that matter, if someone is dedicated enough, they could review and learn the law all the same on their own. So what makes one school better than another? Famous people have come out of a lot of places. A powerhouse of an attorney in my state went to like a bottom-50 school. So many people have noted how prepared you need to be when you go up against him.

    Yeah. I get there are connections and then there are bragging rights, but hey, "I spent $200,000 more to get the same education as another person," doesn't seem like a smart move.

  3. As someone who followed your advice, back in the mid 1980s, I can say it is the right way to go. Pick a top tier law school in a city where you want to practice and which guarantees you financial aid all three years. Some top ten schools only guarantee their level of scholarship for the first year. Like in real estate location matters.

  4. "regional school"
    in Wisc, just graduating from Marquette or UW-Madison admits you to the bar automatically.
    question: does ANY other state (Marquette is private, obvs) provide that?
    is any reciprocity an issue (or assumed)?

  5. NYU(#6) sends ~75% of its class to Big Law firms, ~ 10% to clerkships(which are as prestigious if not more than big law firms), and the other 15% is in public interest(which is something that people often choose to do even if they are a top student). The rest of the T14 have similar numbers, down to Georgetown which is ~60% of its class. The video is wrong in that you do not need to be top 1/3rd of your class for Biglaw at T14's(which pays 190k as of 2021). You can be a below-average student and chances are pretty high you will still get a good job. You can search up "_____ law school employment statistics" if you don't believe me over Devin(which is fair). I think this video kind of underestimates the safety that T14's guarantees its students.

  6. Hi I am a black man. I did one semester @ the non-accredited RACIST Massachusetts School of Law at Andover located in massachusett which is an in class room face to face school with your professors The school is racist & has a Ponzi scheme of admitting a large # of well educated Black & Hispanic College graduates so they can take their student loan money to keep the school afloat then in the 1st semester the school will fail an over whelming amount of the minority students By the end of the 1st semester I was the only minority student in my so called English class The professor did not know I was a English major and an English teacher & the English class was mainly there just to fail out the students because they didn't teach you how to legally write I couldn't understand what was going on until I went to an online Law School which finally made me realize how Mass School of Law at Andover in Massachusetts was legally racially failing well educated minority students with their Ponzi scheme just 2take their $ At the online law school I attended u have 2learn the legal writing technique so u can take your exam it doesn't matter how well you study and know the material if you do not write in the Legal format of writing then they can legally fail the ignorant students a fact the school is well aware of Do your own research & look up Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte North Carolina the school had to close down for similar reasons then you will understand what I am talking about. Because of my intuition & research I was able 2Understand & figure out their Ponzi scheme I will not recommend any minority students to go to that school even when they use TOKEN black men in their advertisements unless you are a house Niger and color don't matter to you then you will fit just perfectly well Lol. With my personal experience at the school and as a retired officer in the army and also a retired correction officer at the jail I can truly understand why the court system has  over whelmingly placed a large amount of Black and Hispanic men in the criminal jail system. Please pass this info on. TY

  7. My choice in law school is very limited… Broke, below competitive GPA… no ability to relocate… do I have a chance? I've looked at getting an online law certificate, or paralegal certificate and actually working as a paralegal to get some income, but the more i look into it the more daunting it gets… Should I just give up and look elsewhere for a career? I want to be involved in medical law in some way or another… but if i can't be a lawyer, perhaps there is another way to get involved?

  8. Hey, I just wanted to say your channel has helped me immensely in pursuing my childhood dream. I had a question for you what kind of gpa should I be looking at as a computer science major. I am sitting at a 3.57 on 4.0. My target schools are Harvard, UPenn , NYU and Columbia. Also, what is your opinion on combined J.D/MBA. I am really thankful for your help. I hope you reply @LegalEagle

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  10. Should I go to a law school in the city I want to live in after or just move after if both cities are in the same state? Like I want to go to UT Law but I want to practice in Dallas so should I just aim for SMU instead?

  11. From my perspective after attending a Tier 1 state school, I would say state schools often teach you the law for that state, which is helpful if you know you will practice in that state. If you are looking for a State Supreme clerkship, many judges prefer state schools if they are highly ranked. For evidence, this was really helpful to me. My professor wrote the book that all judges and attys here use. My law school had tons of on campus interviewing from Big Law in the state. They really work their connections. Most of the partners were from the same law school I attended. I think alumni donations and job placement factor into the school's ranking.

  12. Currently, I am active duty military and plan to continue for another 10 years. I'm in a Master's program for cybersecurity and have aspirations to practice CyberLaw once my military career is over. I am looking for an online law program, any suggestions? Should I go for a JD before a Ph.D. in Cyber? or wait till I am closer to taking the BAR exam?

  13. I’m not sure if you’re still answering from this video, but I talked to a lawyer in my area about the possibility of going back and he mentioned he went to law school at a local regional school (IU McKinnely) at night while working a day job. I am worried about the debt and I realize that unless I get a 178-180 on an LSAT that I’m probably not going to get a huge scholarship or full ride. I wanted to know from the perspective now of someone in a big firm, such as yourself, are there any downsides other than the obvious of limiting myself to a geographic area (of which I am content with)? Would working full time and using my business degree at a big company to get tuition assistance for law school have any issues with time, conflict of interest, availability, etc.? Could I potentially have to sacrifice study time and grades too adversely to be attractive to a big firm or corporate advisement position?

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