How to build your resume for law school

Let’s talk about the ideal things you should target in your resume for landing the law school acceptance of your dreams.
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  1. Hi Julian!! Thank you for your advice. I am a corporate associate in China, and plan to apply for US law schools this year. I am preparing my resume, and would like to seek your advice on the descriptions of work experience. Which expression do you recommend more: advised a US infant products manufacturer and distributor on its investment in manufacturing lines in Jiangxi Province, China / advised foreign companies operating in China on regulatory compliance and investigations? I used the former in my resume in job application, but I would like to know if it is what the admission office want to see.

  2. Hey Julian, I graduated LS in '17, went to a strong NYC regional school that places reasonably well in big law (not Columbia/NYU/Fordham), and I'm trying to get a big law gig, but don't have the grades. What advice would you have for someone who thinks they would do well in a big law role (strong attn. to detail, worth ethic, would find the work interesting) and wants to work specifically in a corporate practice group. Thank you!

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