How to Apply to Law School in Canada | How I got into Canada's #1 law school: UofT Law! Tips/Tricks

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I’m back with more law school content! This time, on how to apply to law school in Canada 🙂
Applying to law school can be a super confusing and complicated process, and there isn’t always a lot of Canadian content out there, so I thought I’d share my experience! In this video, I break down everything you need/I’ve learned about the process over the past year. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the University of Toronto Law School and Osgoode Hall Law School, the two best law schools in Canada, despite a low GPA, so I’ll also be sharing what my application looked like! This video lists the things you need to apply to law school and how to apply.

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As mentioned in the video, I did apply to several American law schools, so I thought I’d also share what my application looked like for that. So for US schools, instead of using OLSAS, you use LSAC to apply to everything!
My LSAT score was the same, a 172. (American schools care about LSAT a little more)
My GPA actually increased when LSAC standardized it, from a 3.54 to a 3.56
I wrote all the optional/why x school essays allowed.
I wrote diversity statements for schools with more broad definitions of diversity.
As you may be able to see, I am NOT a URM.
I submitted most of my applications in November/early December, US deadlines are a little later than American ones.
I had three letters of recommendation when I applied, but added another one in the spring.

I talk in very general terms in this video, if your application doesn’t look like something I’m describing, definitely don’t let that dissuade you from applying to law school. The biggest takeaway should be that law schools are looking for a diverse incoming class, as long as you can show what you bring to the table and why you’re well-suited for a career in law, you’ll be fine. Applications aren’t always about the numbers!

Happy to try and answer any other questions people may have!

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