How to ace law school recitations. Tips from a law school dean

How to ace law school recitations. Tips from a law school dean. How to make recitation easier. #lawschool #recitation

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0:00 – Start

1:34 – Tip #1
2:18 – Tip #2
3:23 – Tip #3
3:55 – Tip #4
4:43 – Tip #5
6:21 – Bonus tip

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  2. Hi dean. Thank you so much for the tips. Its a big help. It’s our first class later in PFR. Keep safe always Dean. May God bless you. Hope to more law school tips.

  3. Hi po, Dean! Your channel helps a lot of aspiring lawyers and law students. Been hearing that recits are difficult in law school, so I've been really nervous about it. I just watch a lot of informative and helpful vids like yours po to help me cope with my nerves (tho I haven't enrolled yet hihi). More power to your channel po, Dean!

  4. Hi po Dean. I'm a senior high graduate and planning to take BSED English kasi choice po yun ng family ko pero my first choice talaga is to study a pre-law course. Pwede po bang pagsabayin yung dalawa or magte-take na lang po ng units?

  5. As a first year college student who took up Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education Program, my question po dean is, can I still be accepted into law school even if somewhat, I will not graduate with an english literacy major? (Or even socsci, philo, legal management, etc) hope for your response and more power to you and your channel Atty!😇

  6. I find it effective to practice recitations facing the mirror. Also, predicting what kind of questions the professor might throw is also very helpful.

    Although I just recently discovered these techniques, I'll surely apply them to my next recits after midterms.

    Thank you Dean! 🙂

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