HOW I GRADUATED LAW SCHOOL AT 21 + how to qualify as a lawyer in 3 COUNTRIES!!!

Hope I answered all your law school questions!!!

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Links to the info in my video:
The difference between the LLB and the JD:

Law Degree-
The University of Buckingham:

Oxford – LLB:

Qualifying in the US-
not all States allow you to sit the bar exam or practice with a foreign law degree, check whether your state qualifies on the NCBE website.

State Bar of California – Applicants with a foreign law degree

State Bar of New York – Applicants with a foreign law degree

Master of Law

Stanford LLM

Cornell LLM

Barbri International:

Become a lawyer in California without law school:

Qualifying in Canada-
NCA (National Committee on Accreditation):

Master of Law:
University of Toronto LLM:

Osgoode LLM:

McGill LLM:

Qualifying int he UK
LPC at the University of Law

BPC at the University of Law


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  1. I was thinking how did you managed you expenses (fees, etc )there ?? I mean do they allow you to work as well during your degree period if you want to complete it in 2 yrs ??
    Would be great if you reply !!! 🙂

  2. WOW !!! Love this !! thank you so much it's very informative I actually figured out this hack on my own pretty late two years ago and have started working towards it but this video has definitely given me more detailed insight and information. Best wishes!!!

  3. Hey Dear,

    I am from India and have done LLB last year. Now I am looking to complete my Masters in Uk but not able to understand in which feild I should I have to apply? Can you assist me plz

  4. There are no Ivy League schools in California. The ivies are Columbia (NY), Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, and University of Pennsylvania. Stanford and Berkeley are very prestigious but not “ivy”.

  5. Hi I don’t know if you reply but I’m in uk sixth form doing a level law alongside sociology and history. I would like to be a lawyer in either Canada or the states in the least amount of time, any ideas on how I can make that possible?

  6. HI, I'm a American undergrad student that definitely wants to go to school in Europe or the England to become a solicitor and wanted to do LLB as well and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions that would help me out a lot. Is England like America where you have to go to the top 14 law schools in the country to be a successful solicitor that makes good money? And what matters the most get into a really good English law school, like in America it's LSAT, GPA, personal statement and then internships, what is most important to get into a really good English Law School? I know my credits would transfer as an undergrad degree and my GPA is good so what else should I focus on refining for my application? Thank you so much and loved the video and Congratulations on your successes thus far and for sharing !!! ❤🧡

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