How I Got Into Harvard Law School | How to Craft an EXCELLENT Law School Application

Hi guys! Today I’ll be walking you guys through the Harvard Law School application process step-by-step. Of course, today’s advice isn’t just for prospective HLS students-the elements of an excellent law school application ring true for all law schools. We’ll discuss:

1) College choice
2) Majors, GPA, and extracurriculars
3) Gap years/professional experience
4) The LSAT
5) The resume
6) The personal statement + optional statements
7) Letters of recommendation
8) Timing
…and much more!

Undoubtedly, the law school application process can be overwhelming. The trick is to take it one step at a time, and MOST importantly, have faith in yourself and the work you are doing. A note of caution: Don’t let your undergraduate experience and gap years be overshadowed by the end goal of law school. Instead, let law school conform to YOUR ambitions and dreams along the way. This video is just a rough template of the tools you can employ to get there.

Love, Babs

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^ REMEMBER: just because it is “unlikely,” doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Always shoot your shot! I ALMOST didn’t apply to Harvard Law School because I thought my GPA was too low (my husband had to talk me into it!)

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  1. Will the process be different than this for a international student??? I'm not from the United States but I would apply to Harvard. I also wanted to know if a vision science/optometry undergraduate can apply for law school as well??

  2. I’m a young boy going into 6th grade. There are a couple things I would like to know for my future in being a lawyer. 1) what are some things I’m eligible to do volunteer to get some good things on my resume/college application? 2) what are some things I should focus on at this young age?

  3. Hey Babs! I love your videos! I was wondering if you have any plans on making any updates on your law school journey? I would love to see a video of you explaining how to succeed as a 1L, OCI, how to choose a law school based on your career goals, and what to do best to prepare for law school

  4. Such a detailed video! I'm a final year undergrad and have the dream to study and be trained as an attorney at the HLS. Though apart from these complex requirements, there's the financial burden to get in. Mygod 😥

  5. Hello. I'm an undergraduate student of Anthropology although my ultimate career goal is Law which I will start pursuing come next year and I'm really hoping to get into Harvard Law School one day presumably after my law degree for my masters. It has been my dream for a long time to get into Harvard Law. I also do a number of activities outside of class like debates, writing and research , swimming and a few leadership roles in various capacities. What is the best path you would advise I follow being an overseas student moreso.

  6. Hi 👋👋
    Do international student take the same exam (LSAT) as same as native english speaker?
    Does it have seperate LSAT exam between native english speaker and international student(who not native speaker)

  7. Congratulations on your acceptance to law school I am an attorney and creator of the first physical law school planner. Please DM me on IG: @luxelegalp so we can gift you one for your journey to JD.

  8. I am almost 13 and I realised that i wanted to study Law and actually be a lawyer. I've had this dream for about a year now. I live in India and things are different here. We have High School for 3 years meaning 8th grade, 9th grade and 10th grade. After that we have a choice to either attend 11th and 12th or PUC. I dream to go to Harvard but I would need to understand how things work there. I know its more or less the same but I really want to get accepted into Harvard. This is not because I want to get accepted into an ivy league school or anything. Its because Harvard has this really special image in my mind compared to other ivy schools. Sure Harvard may be popular but if i do get accepted there, i would be very happy. I am trying to study more effectively and am thinking of attending business school for my undergrad(if thats possible. I am still not very aware of how it is there). I may not get accepted but I will try my best.

  9. I can’t wait to get this stupid bachelor s done!!! I got me the lsat Bible and I’m watching the bar bri videos…. I do have a question tho, I’m actually got convicted of a crime is that going to really affect the situation?

  10. Hey, I am a Pakistani student currently pursuing my bachelor's in economics. Can you please make a video how international students can secure admissions in Harvard law school and also if there are any scholarships for us.

  11. Hey I have a question! I’m going to NYU and i’m interested in STEM and pre-law. How did you balance the two throughout your undergrad? Also, you said you took about 2 years off from school to work; did you apply in your fall of senior year and defer your enrollment?

  12. I was just talking to my mom about how confused I am about the whole process but your video in the first 2 minutes help me so much I can’t even tell you how much you just help me right now thank you

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