How I Got Into an Elite Law School

Getting into an elite law school takes time and effort. I provide you with the the steps I took before college, extracurriculars in college, LSAT prep, and my law school application process.

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  1. Man… The journey to law school is killing me. My GPA is fine and all, I currently have a 3.8 at Fordham… (I graduate next semester and expect to keep it that way)

    However, LSAT prep is burning me out immensely. I started studying in early December, and managed to go from 153-161… 1 1/2 months isn't a lot of prep time, and I shouldn't have expected insane gains, but it's pretty demoralizing. I'm genuinely going to feel like trash until I hit 165.

    I plan applying next cycle, so I technically have time. Yet, the stress of prepping makes me wish I was over it already.

  2. The hardest thing right now for me is building my application resume. I dont have professional work experience and Im finding it hard to get a law related internship. So far i interned at a state senator's office but thats it. Any tips?

  3. Hi i am 11th class student and wanted to study law which books would you recommened? And could you please tell me about year 11th and 12th law study?

  4. I transferred to the University of Florida from an unranked school. I don’t think UF falls into the “elite” category of schools, but it’s a good school (ranked 24). Prof Baez, your videos and comments helped me tremendously through my law school journey thus far. I want to thank you and let you know that I really appreciate your videos and feedback.

  5. I am a 16 years old student which books would you recommend me if I want to study law at elite school. I personally read about law:an introduction by Tony Honore

  6. I always find it weird that to be a lawyer in the USA you have to attend college and then get into law school. Here in Argentina we have law school as another degree in college, and we don't have S.A.T, L.S.A.T, or Bar Exams.

  7. Thank you for all the information! Do law schools heavily value participation in undergrad athletics or would it be better to highlight other extracurricular activities I'm involved in?

  8. Thank you! I’m looking into Law School now. I want to go to the best possible one and I’m shooting for the LSAT in the spring of 2022 to start in the fall of 2023. This is a complete change in course for me because I majored in Music in undergrad and got a Masters in Music performance. I got a 3.57 in undergrad and a 3.82 in grad school. Would these numbers still be good enough to get into top schools?

  9. It's funny to watch how organized you were at such a young age. I didn't become organized until my early 40's. I'm not in an elite law school, and I chose a Nursing degree as my major. At ASU, a nursing school A is 93-100%, a B is 85-92%, and a C is 77-84% with everything else not passing. I chose, perhaps, the hardest major to end up getting A's. I ended with a 3.53 at 35 years old. Now, at 46, I'm in my second year of law school. I'm not at an "elite" school, but I am on the Dean's list, and I'm doing things I never thought possible. Just remember, no matter when you start, or what has happened in the past, don't give up on becoming what you want to be.

  10. Hello! I will pursue my degree in hungary as a foreign student(international student) (psychology bachelor-3 years long) and I would like to get some advice from you, professor. Under the conditions of getting highest grades possible and LSAT score, is my chance to get into a top law school high? I mean, how does studying as an international student in hungary would look like ,during the application period?

  11. What perfect timing this video came out! I was just watching your older videos regarding Law School! I'm currently a senior in highschool aspiring to become a lawyer. Thank you for your enjoyable videos, they're so helpful!

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