Harvard Law School Student Q&A REAL TALK | 1L Fall Semester Update!

Hello friends! It’s been a whole semester since my last video, and it feels great to be back. My 1L experience at Harvard Law has truly been unlike anything I’ve undertaken before, and I can’t wait to share my experiences and insights with you guys!

Today I am answering some of your questions from my Instagram Q&A this past November. We’ll chat about everything from law school stereotypes to cold calls to experiencing burnout and more. This video was filmed right before my 1L fall semester finals in December, so be on the lookout for part two, a wrap-up of my takeaways about my first semester at Harvard Law.

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Love, Babs

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  1. hey I'm a foreign student hoping to earn a jd from US, will my application treated anyway different just because im not a US resident? please enlighten on all of the things i might need to consider before applying to law schools

  2. You should check out the app speechify. It costs money if you want it to work well but it is really helpful for giving your eyes a break or multitasking.

  3. Thanks for posting these. Up until now I haven’t attended college. Playing with the idea of going to college and ending up in law school. I appreciate your comments. It makes it easier for the rest of us. 🙏

  4. Hey! I’m not sure if you would know the answer to this question, it’s kinda confusing, but do you think everyone is capable of doing extremely well in the LSAT even if they were considered a “slacker”? I realized that I want to be attorney but feel like it’ll be way more challenging because I never really studied for exams in high school. Now that I’m in college, I’m taking school more seriously and I’m determined to keep my grades up. What do you think?

  5. Wow, thank you so much for such an honest and insightful video on your journey at HLS! I absolutely relate (albeit to a less degree, seeing as I am not studying law) to the point about the burnout that comes with Zoom classes + endless reading + super high expectations from classmates!

    Thanks a lot for this precious advice!

  6. Hi Banter I love your videos it has been so helpful, I am finishing my undergrad soon and I am planning to take the lsat in april and i am planning to apply to harvard law school but I am struggling with writing a good personal statement because I was originally planning to become a nurse but because of a last minute career change I decided to become a lawyer.

  7. As an undergrad student, I find your videos really inspiring. You are so well-spoken and I've taken many things regarding what you've said about balancing school and personal life to heart. Thanks for being such a great inspiration and good luck with your next semester in law school!

  8. Appreciate the inside look at 1L Fall, and your vulnerability babs! I’m planning on applying in 2022 and hope to be at HLS in 2023! Hope the rest of 1L year goes well!

  9. How many pages of reading do you have each week? In undergrad I have about 300 pages combined in all of my classes, but I usually read recreationally in addition, about 1 book per week. What other typical assignments do you have?

  10. Hi, actully i am a law student in Iran and i want to take lsat and i hope (i really do) to be accepted in harvard law school one day; well i know in america you have to go to college befor exactly going to law school so I wanted to know if my university is accepted by harvard law school; cause i know it is accepted by somany other university's and can I have lsat in Turkey or some countries near Iran? cause Isat is not held in Iran; and one more thing when should I sent my application to harvard cause I Already saw some reactions on being accepted in harvard university for 2025. tnx you so much your channel is so useful and inspiring and you are AMAZING.

  11. Heyy! Great to finally watch a new video loved it! Hope you're doing well..I had a request for a video more about guidelines, norms, budget management, and aid for international students..I really love the law, I really aspire to study in hls and I am from another country so it'd be really helpful for me and people like me. Thank you. Love love🤍🙃

  12. My favorite channel still alive !! I was really worry for u. I hope both you and your family remain in good health. As always I love your sincerity and how you express yourself even talking about difficult moments. I've been left with the desire to know one more question: Are u single? Haha Just kidding… I would love to see a review of the books used for this semester once you finish your exams. <3

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