1. Hey! I would like to say that Jesus loves you so much. As you can read the bible says in John 6:13 That God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son.

    Do you see all the things that are happening in the world? Many people dying,suffering and mourning,corona virus,people panicking… All of this is written in the bible you can read it yourself in Matthew 24📖, therefore let us watch for we do not know when the Messiah will come to take us home let us prepare well says the bible in Revelation16:15, Accept JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOUR it is the best thing to do you wont regret it.

    May the Lord bless you and your family. Kindly please do not neglect this, you are amazing and remember that God loves you so much

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    if there's one thing i would like to say to the hls community it would be that you all have done a tremendous job and you are actually stronger than you think i'm just so impressed with all the work that everyone has put in to make the hls


    experience what it is even remotely thank you so much for making these past three years some of the best three years of my life stretching me helping me to grow we did do this together thank you for being an expanded family without you


    guys there is no harvard and there is no harvard law school experience so much of law school we've talked about things we've read old cases and we've talked about what we would do and i'm excited for us to actually go


    and do those things i'm excited to move from learning to law to shaping the law we're trying to create a better society and to be a bridge across different cultures restoring justice around the world and serving disadvantaged


    communities globally i have been able to find pieces of myself that i did not even know were there you know the ability to really understand the laws and how they shape society we live in all of this compounded by my perspective


    as an immigrant to the united states during my time in law school i've learned that there are so many things i didn't know that i didn't know i came in with solidified career plans and now i'm living with a more open and fluid


    approach towards my career goals and my next steps hls has prepared me to whatever that next step is i'm going into big law next but i really feel like i've had skills and met enough people and really


    learned about myself as a student and a worker and how my brain works to tackle no matter what sort of professional things are coming my way i think my time at hls has really improved my my writing i've also learned what personal


    jurisdiction is i've been pushed in class and clinics to really challenge my initial assumptions i don't just accept that because someone tells me that this is what the law is that this is what the law should be in general i got to really


    like think like a lawyer at the time and i think that really manifests itself significantly in my um sort of the growth of my legal scholarship [Music] it speaks volumes even without someone


    asking you any questions so it's a beginning of greater things than just the completion of my hearing to me commencement means a new beginning better opportunities and an exciting future all the hard work that we've done


    all of the growing we've done all of the critical thinking that we've done it's the celebration of all of those accomplishments a breath of fresh air an opportunity to start something new but this time stronger wiser a conclusion to


    three years of an intellectual journey of reflecting on the past critiquing the present and imagining the future trying to define what it means to be myself and what it means to be a harvard law alum in the world and having my family and


    friends and beloved ones around me to celebrate as well my graduating from harvard law is as much an accomplishment of my family as it is one of my own i honestly feel like it's a little unfair that my wife's name will not appear on


    my diploma commencement is a moment that's for my family and for my village that raised me and brought me here they're the reason that i've made it to this point it just means so much more to me than just something that i've


    achieved during my time at hls it also means this opportunity to be able to go into the world and make the world a better place and also to continue to add to the numbers of black african lawyers in the us


    i think that the things that i'm going to miss really are just casual moments like booking a study room in wcc and like electing someone to get junk food going to cam-com after finals with my friends walking past lindell on a


    beautiful winter sunday morning looking forward to all the things i get to soak in i'm gonna miss the library it was so tranquil and serene and i spent so many hours under the watchful eyes of justice kagan and justice brandeis with


    those giant portraits honestly those moments in class when you have that light bulb moment when it sort of clicks and you realize that you actually understand something even forever how fleeting that moment lasts definitely


    called the noise and the seventh international arbitration conference with iosa i interviewed justice rosalia abella the supreme court canadian justice and to me she serves like a real role model of gender equity


    and a true inspiration i got to intern at the european parliament and their legal office when i was in the family law clinic it was a great experience to really get my feet wet and trial advocacy and run my first trial


    and it also felt wonderful to win for my client i will miss the endless opportunities resources and events bombarding me every single day the greatest memory has been in some way how i've been sharing with


    each other among the students zone parties breakout rooms you talk and feel your part on the parcel of the entire community and i'm definitely going to miss the faculty who have made our experience a lot better hls has so many


    wonderful professors and faculty members that genuinely care about their students and want to make sure that we are having a good experience and we are learning and we are like okay as people really a lot of clinical instructors unsung

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