1. Great video! I really needed to hear this right now. I've been deciding on whether or not to take a gap year before SLP graduate school because I just don't feel confident about my GRE scores……but after listening to your own experience I feel much more sure about applying next fall so that I can study harder for the exam and boost my scores. I hope things are going well with you and law school!!

  2. Gap year is definitely important to recharge yourself. Self-care and maintaining good mental health is important to be successful in law school. I’m a recent law school graduate from Northwestern so trust me I know. 👌🏾 I wish you the best of luck on your journey

  3. I’m halfway through studying the LSAT which I was going to take in June and the other night the idea of a gap year came to mind. I think it’s well needed as I will use the time to intern at an organization in the type of law I am interested in, and I’ll also be traveling some more and taking a well needed break before working for a very long time lol. Thank you for this video! Just subbed!

  4. I graduate from college in May and I finally came to the conclusion that I will be waiting a year before going into law school. After watching this video it made me feel ALOT BETTER! I do have one question, what do you think are some productive things I should be doing during my gap year?

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