[FMV] Law School- kang sol a x han joon hwi s o u l m a t e s

Drama: Law School (2021)
Character: Kang Sol A x Han Joon Hwi
Polaris Guk

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  1. Their relationship is definitely goals. Joon Hwi always trusted Sol A, protected her, and helped her realize how wonderful she is. While she supported him, encouraged him and made him happy. They are the perfect couple

  2. What if they make another drama of law school but it’s called love school where they focus on the love story of han joon hwi and kang sol a? like the events are the same as what happened in law school but the focus is on the story of these two fjjsjdsjwjnd love school? Law school: SolHwi’s story? I dunno

  3. They realize they are dating?
    He and soojin from romantic doctor 2 did the exatcly same thing: dated without realizing .
    Being responsible for the girl like is their second nature.

  4. Imagine they do season 2 and they will always together like suspicious partner drama. I dont mind if they dun kiss but at least give us kiss kang sol a forehead or cheeks😭😭😭😭 we need more romance from them

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