first week of 3L at yale law (and law school tour)

a longer vlog for my last first week of classes… ever?? unless i win the lottery or something i don’t plan on attending more school after this lol… this vlog also includes snippets of my summer in new york because i made the effort of taking videos and didn’t know where to put the clips… anyway, here’s to a great 3LOL year and many improvements in my league of legends aram skills!

timestamps –
01:48 | back to law school
08:18 | law school tour

music –
2% – Fumblin’ –
Lofi Geek – Sushi –
Pair Piano – Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK: Kiss and Make Up –
Naomi – Individualism –
Carter Vail – On/Off –
Pair Piano – Animal Crossing: Wild World OST –
Lofi Geek – Teriyaki –
Madeline Lauer – I Know You’ve Heard –
Pair Piano – BTS ft. Halsey: Boy With Luv –
Blank Summers – By My Side –

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  1. Thank you for taking us along the journey for your law school career. Can’t believe this is your last and final year! It’s bittersweet. Glad you’re ending it in person – just like how you started. What a gorgeous building/campus. And congratulations on having a job lined up!

  2. I literally find myself checking to see if you've uploaded videos- I find them so comforting!!! & I am very allergic to cats, so that says something! lol
    I even feel like people with no interest in law school would feel the same way. Also, your videos make the application process so much more exciting🥺
    Congratulations on your 3L year!!! Rooting for you🤍

  3. Hey, doll! I am so glad you are back! I have a few comments. (1) It goes without saying but your campus is gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to show us around. (2) I came here for the law school content but am staying for the cats. More, please! (3) Ahhh! Congratulations on securing a job! Unfortunately, I don't find out until spring since I am doing government work. (4) The songs you picked out and the aesthetic of your vlog is beautiful! It's a vibe, girl. (5) And lastly, can you believe we have one year left?! It's crazy how time flies. I wish you the best of luck this semester! I look forward to your next video! 💕

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