SURPRISE!!! law school online is finally here and I am excited 🙌🏾 please like, comment and share this video.

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  1. Because of more schools now going online, I am now looking for an online school to attend. I'm 44 years old, have a 100k a year career and a house payment that prevents me from going to a traditional school. 🤞🤞

  2. Its not a priviliege,its moving with the times, covid19 and need of money is what causing all that shift. It used to be called distant learning and receiving things by mother did such things 30 years ago.The university was on the other side of the world.

  3. Heyyy beautiful! I did not know you attended NCCU! I am a “double-eagle”! I have a BA in Political Science and as of Monday I have a MPA from my Alma Mater! Keep soaring sis! I am proud of you 👏🏾💪🏾🏆

  4. making sure that a school is licensed/status/probation and is in good standing is very important. You can check out the ABA the standing of that school. With many schools changing the classroom practices, I imagine that criteria would need to be set for anyone to sit for the bar, with a hybrid programs and the state of residence.

  5. I finished law school years ago from a brick and mortar law school, but this is great news. However, you go to school PLEASE avoid private law schools and a lot of loans. Not everybody is going to pass the bar and work for a large law firm. That means you will be heavily burdened with debt. Do a search on law grads working outside the law are as bartenders.

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