Failing Out of Law School: Now What?

Did you fail out of law school or wondering how people fail law school? Here are the top four reasons for failing and what you can do if it happens to you.

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  1. I just got my grades back for my first semester in Law school and they were abysmal. It was definitely, a wake-up call, I had such a hard time with the increased workload, did not keep up with my readings, and crammed for my finals. Lesson learned. Will improve next semester!!

  2. I hope our law school dean was as understanding as you. I failed law school because I wasn’t able to focus on my studies due to a cancer scare that I wasn’t able to address immediately due to the pandemic (strict hospital protocols in the Philippines) I tried to request to be readmitted citing my circumstances, unfortunately he denied my request. He explained that the school has to uphold its strict standards. I don’t know what to do with my life now.

  3. I’m not sure how I recommend students feel about this video, namely because the professional gives academic and psychological advice without credentials to such end. I do appreciate the “lessons from the field” feedback, which is invaluable. But, other pieces do more harm than good.

  4. Law school requires a lot of discipline and rigour and certainly isn’t for faint hearted. You will be buried in cases, prepping for lectures, taking notes, revising and editing the notes, assignments, tutorials and exams. Have a game plan and take it like a sport. You have to be mentally and physically fit. Be disciplined and practise smart not just hard. It’s like a short sprint and break and short sprint again. To those who made it congratulations, to those who didn’t or couldn’t I just wanna say there is no shame as long as you gave your all. Failures happen and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Develop perspective in life and don’t just magnify your life with attending law school. It’s just a part of your education. You have to go to work, serve your clients and community. Besides don’t take anything in life for granted cuz you never know when curtain comes closing on you. Learn to enjoy challenges in life, not being anxious. Enjoying challenges enhances your growth, your earning power and status while anxiety robes you off your mental health, drive to succeed and chance to grow. Relax and enjoy the struggle when you can.

  5. Professor, do you beleive that someone with learning disabalaties in mathematics, brain damage, cerebral palsy , seizures and someone who is a stroke survivor can succeed in law school with support from the students with disabalaties services office and from the professor?

  6. I was dismissed in Spring 2017 with a 1.29 GPA after two semesters, waited the mandatory two years to reapply to my same school, got reaccepted, now I have a 3.27 GPA after two semesters in Spring 2020. It is possible to be better than ever the second time around!

  7. Is this video serious or a comedy skit? The eye-patch+all those stock videos+the patronizing tone (you say some people have problems with memory retention and retrieval and then you gesture at your head as though talking to someone mentally-disabled who needs to follow accompanying hand gestures)+downright odd examples for dropping out (dropping out due to having sexual problems due to anxiety).

  8. Law is terrible! Don't take law if u can't bear the stress. This is the biggest mistake I've made in my life. Now I'm a third year student and struggling to pass my exam.

  9. I failed law school in the Spring of 2014. I had extraordinary circumstances due to my brother's drug OD death during my first month as a 1L. I was granted a year medical leave but hadn't received proper medical care for my grief and depression. When I returned, I was unable to focus and had poor grades (except in Property & Torts which were A's), which led to my dismissal. My gpa was a 2.9 but needed a 3.0 to continue. It was a very low time, I'd even say I felt so depressed I was suicidal but that stemmed from not knowing how to recover/move on. There were no youtube videos or forums on what to do after failing law school. I wish there had been, perhaps I would have felt better. In any case, I learned that law school was plan A and I needed to now determine my plan B. I used my undergrad degree to secure related employment for a few years and then enrolled in nursing prerequisites, which I just finished. I am set to begin nursing school in the Fall of 2020. It was a long process but I needed the time to heal. I am asked by former LS classmates if I plan to return to LS at any point… I am unsure. It's not completely out of mind but I cannot stress enough for anyone reading this…only go to law school if you manage stress well, have a strong family support system, and know your worth. LS is full of failure, full of people who will not root you on. You may be top of your undergrad class but so are other LS's. You have to be aware that you might fail and know what you will do if this happens. Many law schools do not allow failed students to reapply for a few years due to ABA rules. Use the time to reflect on your strengths, plan B, and regaining your self worth that may have been lost to toxic LS culture.

  10. Hey, love your videos, can you please tell me what percentage of students in a class get A grade? I'm studying law in Mumbai and here only about the top 5 percent are given first class. Just want to know for reference

  11. Hello, Mr. Beau Baez, is recently got dismissed from law school. Is there anyway I could try one more time. I was struggling during my first semester due to depression ,working a job, and a close family member passed away. Was on probation in my second semester but i had two ds even if I actually tried to improve. I always wanted to be a lawyer and feel like my dream is over. I need help.

  12. Excellent video. I failed contracts my first year, got dismissed, started and completed my MBA over the next year and a half, went back, and just graduated on May 10, 2019. Bottom line, the problem was my wife, she was taking all of my study time.

  13. I still watch your videos about law school despite being astronomically discouraged to going due to expenses but I find your videos very insightful & comforting!

  14. Ive got a question for practicing once graduating. I've got a very thick southern accent, even for my area. Could this hamper my career if I want to be a trial lawyer?

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