Ep 4 – Pursuing an LLM from Stanford Law School (Post an LLB)

In this session, Anuja Agarwal would be talking about the degree, the university, the application procedure, improving your chances of selection, her personal experiences, the opportunities, and skills one acquires during and post these degrees as well as the relevance of this degree to a law student.

Anuja Agarwal graduated from National Law University, Delhi in 2016, after which she completed her LLM from Stanford Law School in 2020 where she was an Editor with the Stanford Transatlantic Technology Law Forum. She then practiced as a Legal Counsel at Quagmire Consulting and is currently working as a Law Clerk at the California Department of Justice.

About LLM from Stanford:
The Master of Laws (LLM) program at Stanford Law School (a part of Stanford University) is a one-year post-graduate program for law students. The program offers 4 LLMs in (1) Corporate Governance and Practice (2) Environmental Law and Policy (3) International Economic Law, Business and Policy (4) Law, Science and Technology. For more information:

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