[ENG SUB] Law School Squad Short Interview #SHORTERVIEW with NYLON KOREA

210429 Law School Squad Short Interview #SHORTERVIEW with NYLON KOREA for JTBC Wed-Thu Drama Law School

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  1. Kim Sang-bum is very intelligent and amazing how he's successful from his experiences in acting and singing. I tell what I congratulations him dearly and I'm so proud of him. I love you Kim Sang-bum my Sunshine 🤟💞💋

  2. Kim Bum honestly never fails to choose a good project to work on! He is such a prime example of being able to work really well with the rest of the cast, and clearly enjoys his job so so much!

  3. Bummie’s now growing more to successes year by year how he was genuinely in speaking, all the skills of acting and probably been as a big example as an actor to another actor/actress who can followed/learn more about acting from the master one😆👍🏻 great job everyone🥰

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