[ENG SUB] Law School Interview: Post It Interview

Law school ⚖ is A wed-thu JTBC Drama will air on April 14, 2021 every 9 PM KST

Kim Bum is starring as Han Joon Hwi📖

Han Joon Hwi, a first-year law student, is at the top of his class. He’s a natural leader whose good looks and easy charm make him the perfect man – on paper. However, there’s an unexpected side to him that remains well-hidden.

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  1. Dang..this guy loves working so much. I hope he gets a lot of work in the future coz it makes him happy. But i also hope he gets to sleep well coz it's very important for his health (and how can he get such a beautiful skin without much quality sleep?? 😅)

  2. thank you for this!! i have been watching this drama and i also wanna watch the interviews and behind the scenes but sadly there’s no sub. i hope jtbc provide subs for the international fans since its showing on netflix. Anyway, thank you for your hard work. God bless and stay safe!

    I’m really glad that kibum is getting the recognition that he deserves,, he’s my bias since bof ❤️

  3. I really like this kind of interview but usually I can't enjoy it bcs I don't understand Korean, so I want to say thank you so much for the subtitle💝

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