[Eng Sub] Law school cast funny moment || commentary video "BTS"

*should i make another video?

This is rough translation, so it’s not 100% accurate n it can be wrong, somehow.

n mianhe
I’m sorry, because in this video, go yoon jung’s part is very short because there’s not much moment.

I’ll fix it in the future and be more careful.

thank you for watching ❤️



  1. Haha Solhwi couple, the way they put their legs, if not staged, their body language seems showing they are interested in each other 😂😂 i ship them so hard, hope they can be real life couple

  2. I just watched the lastest episode when the prosecutor asked joon hwi who's he pay attention at (cause he was being accused to have scandal with ye seul) and he said sol B uwaaa whyyyyyyy!

  3. Lee soo kyung is actually the opposite of her character in LS. I can't even hate her, i still haven't move on with her movie "The odd family: zombie on sale"<333

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