Dropped Out of Law School To Become a Professional Redneck…

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  1. What a great story I’m glad I looked back to find out where you came from Been addicted to your videos since I watched the first one you guys have so damn much fun reminds me of stupid shit I did when I was younger and want to do it again hell yeah brother

  2. I just stumbled on this tonight, very interesting story of your background, I've seen your videos for the past couple of years but after seeing you on Demolition Ranch hanging out with Matt I subscribed and watched every video since then even the older ones, keep up the great content even the old retired guys like love them.👍

  3. "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"

    You have a passion for what you're doing, and you have this knack for social media and content creation. You're not following that blueprint that so many think you have to in life, and you're doing amazing at it, Love the channel, love the videos, keep at it man!

  4. I just wish I could hang out with you guys. This is my most favorite YouTube channel to watch plus I am from Florida, but spent a lot of years in Hawaii and now I live in North Carolina but would love to come to one of your Meets!!!! Hell yea BROTHER!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing such personal life details. It paints a greater overall picture of how the heck you got here. We the viewers appreciate every video. Do it for Dale. Yee yee!

  6. Your passion is truly something awesome. Love what you do. And fellas you need to hold yourself and your friends more accountable. No reason he should be saying that. Respect the women

  7. There are plenty of lawyers. But there are few people that can make job loss, personal problems, covid and a everyday stuff just disappear even just for a few minutes.

  8. definitely watched the whole thing even though it was "just a bunch of talking" I've been addicted to your channel and content for quite a while. I've been dying to build a car but up here in Canada racing isn't nearly as readily available.. so gotta order everything out of the states anyway haha. been trying to pick a decent starting car for quite a while and can't find anything..oh well soon enough i'm sure, keep bringing us the sweet content!

  9. Cleetus is literally living all our dreams. Me and some friends started up a YouTube and we are trying to get a handle on things. Watching cleetus’s videos is literally how we are learning to do this whole YouTube thing. Him and his crew is a huge inspiration to my group of friends. Someday I’d like to meet them just to say thank you. Just some good group of people.

  10. "You want to spend the rest of your life doing this, or what?" that was perfect brother. Personally i didn't like your ex in videos, but Madi? man! i love her. She is cool, super nice, and i love her honest kind smile. She's the one! I'm happy for ya, it feels good to see you both. Listen to her, be good, make videos – everything will be just "more power". Best regards from Poland!

  11. Youll probably never see this but me and my boy/little brothers, cannot wait to come see you at lucas oil for cleetus n cars. Youre an inspiration to all of us, i hope good things keep coming your way.

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